thank you all for your answers and the support. sorry for not replying so fast.

while recovering at home my dad had a blackout - he woke up on the bathroom floor and didn't remember falling down. the reason was one of the stents got clogged. stent had to be replaced and since then a good month passed. jaundince faded and he received his photodynamic therapy. at the moment he feels pretty good and is adjusting to his new after sunset lifestyle.

hello everyone,

last month my father was diagnosed with an inoperabel klatskin tumor (Cholangiocarcinoma Bismuth Typ IVb). He developed a Jaundince, since the bile could not flow out. After receiving several stents and antibiotics (to prevent sepsis) his condition got better and he was discharged from the hospital. Since a few days he is recovering at home. The Jaundince is getting less, but in the mornings he is sweating a lot and in the evenings he still gets very itchy. His attending doctor is recommending a photodynamic therapy. On the internet I found this... does anyone have experience with this: … report.pdf