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hello, I am so appreciative of this site.  At 73 yrs old,  18 mos. ago, one day I was merrily going my way and about the next, I was in surgery.  I had 1/3 of liver removed.  I am thankful it was caught early enough to be able to enjoy life - differently.   All drs., family, most of all me, decided it was best not to try any type of treatment.  So far, it has been fairly easy but in the last month or too I noticed I am very, very fatigued.   What is most frustrating is my lab work if "perfect"..  I just dont understand this - I can hardly do anything for more than 5 mins. before resting about 20 mins.    I live alone but have my son and his family nearby.       thanks for any help.

This is the first time I have posted on this site.  I am encouraged by Middlesister.  please excuse my mistakes - new to computer, too.  I have been reading this site for a long time and it has really helped.  I was diagnosed at  age 74, 18 mos. ago.

I, too, had a good surgeon and they removed 1/3 of liver - 5 cm. cancerous.
It was decided not to have any treatment (decision mine).  So far I have been doing pretty well.  However, it has changed my whole life.  I moved from being  a lifelong Fl. resident to wonderful, snow country, Upstate NY to be near son and family. 

I have a very good G.P. and she keeps me humming with palliative drugs. I am optimistic  and  enjoying every minute of life.  However,  it is always at the back of my mind.         sallyr