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My father was diagnosed June 21, 05.  Attempted surgery Aug 05, unresectable.  Started chemo, Xeloda and Gemzar Dec 05.  Tumor marker in Jan was less than 2.5. (Normal range is 1-35) Not sure of count at the beginning of diagnoses. Alk
?propherous was at 800 before treatment, now its 160.  (Normal range (1-150) He is also on CAAT.  (Controlled Amino Acid Treatment)  He lost alot of weight from 240 to l50 in a 3 month time. Now he weigh 190 and look very healthy.
Last ct scan. doctor said he doesn't see the cancer but he know its there. (ok)
Its only contain in bile duct and few lymph nodes were involved.  Liver is functioning at 100%. No tumors in the liver.
So far he is doing well.


Did your father take supplements while on chemo?  My father will be starting his first round with chemo.  I want him to stay on the supplements, but the Doctor doesn't want him to.  The Dr.'s reason for this "in case it interfers" with chemo.



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I have been working with Stuart Green of Immunecology, Ltd.  This is what he put together for my father.  All products are natural and organic.  Each of the four items play a specific role.  LAURICIDIN - which is a cancer cell killer; VIRAWALL - is a bright blue powder with a slightly sulfurous taste.  It is a protein derived from organically cultivated bluegreen algae.  PEKANA - is a formulation to support the liver, lymphatic system and kidneys.  Finally, DEEP ECOLOGY - which is a blend of medicinal mushrooms.  My dad is using a formula called Vicara.  This formula combines mushrooms that have displayed various effects on cancer, from inhibition of tumor blood vessel formulation to the stimulation of the immune system including natural anti-cancer cells.   If anyone is interested in following up with Immunecology, Ltd you can email them at info@ecobiotics.com

My father had surgery for an abdominal aortic anueryism in late July.  It was during this surgery that a mass on his liver was discovered.  The lab work came back as CC.  We feel fortunate that his  CC was discovered earlier than usual.  He has not had any outward signs of CC.  The Doctor's did go in and removed the tumor on his liver and were successful in getting clean margins.  They did remove his gall bladder at the same time.  The oncologist, Dr. Mandanas, seems competent, but clearly admits that there is little data to go on as this cancer is very rare.  My father who is a very healthy 82 year old will be starting chemotherapy soon.  The Dr. have decided to use Gemzar which is a pyrimidine atagonist (antimetobolite) and they will be administering it intravenously through a port that has already been put in.  I have put him on some supplements, which the Dr. does not want him on during chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, the Dr. cannot tell me why he doesn't want him on them, just that they might interfer.  I wanted my dad to go to MD Anderson, Mayo clinic or CTCA, but they seem to be comfortable using this Dr.  Does anyone have any comments or concerns about this course of treatment?  I appreciate your time.