I am so sorry for your loss, may God be with you and your family.


Congratulations Dear Daisy,

your mom and your family did a great job to get to this point.
Wishing for many many clean scans to follow.



Healthcare in general is a very sensitive issue for me. I do not understand how we are the number 1 country in the world, our government spends BILLIONS of our TAX PAYERS dollars on WARS AND OTHER BS but yet, one of us has to worry about the financials when dealing with something major as liver transplant. This is JUST UNACCEPTABLE.

Diane, I hope the issue of Medicare will be solved soon so you brother can get the treatment he deserves. Mark is blessed to have the option of LT, I wish our politicians will be blessed one day with some humanity in them.. I wish him the best luck in his meeting with Dr Chapman, we are all praying for him.

Brenda, glad to hear that Kenny is doing well. You are both harvesting the results of the hope you planted along this journey.


Dear Catherine,
We do understand your frustration and anger, it REALLY SUCKS that we have to deal with this.
I just wish there is  something like the beeping sound that they use to censor bad words on TV so we can say whatever we want without offending anyone.

I have a little more flexibility with that issue  since I can express my frustration in different languages.(not around my family though).If you want I can teach you some NICE LEBANESE words, not so nice actually, so you can use them freely and no one will have a clue.

Cathy, I wanted to contact you so many times when you came with your mom to Fort Myers on vacation. I needed to meet a family that is facing this ugly cancer because they can understand my feelings.

Go ahead, vent, scream, say what you want.We are listening and UNDERSTANDING.


Dear Sara,
It is 2 am in the morning and I just read the news that I was dreading to hear for the last few days.
I am so sorry, I don't know what to say. I wish my tears would wash your pain away, I wish GOD WOULD LISTEN to our prayers.

Nicole is your sister, your best friend. She is a loving daughter,wife and mother.
To all of us, she is our hero.

Praying for Nicole and your family.



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Dear Julie,

you are definatly WAY FAR from being elderly.

I am sure that your oncologist had a good reason to tell you to wait till after chemo.However, I read somewhere about a study shiwing that diabetic patients that were on Metformin had a better response with chemo and went into remission.

Like I said, It will be a great opportunity to ask your oncologist at Mayo since Dr. chaiteerakji works for the same hospital.

I hope you are feeling better tonight and you would sleep like a BABY.



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As I looked up  Dr. Roongruedee Chaiteerakij from Mayo Clinic after seeing her name in the presentation posted by Marion, I stumbled on an interesting drug called Metformin.
Dr Roon mentioned that this drug, which is used mainly used to treat type 2 diabetes and ovarian cysts, might have a potential capacity in suppressing icc and hcc.

The more I look up Metformin, the more I notice an international interest in studying this drug for its potential cancer suppressant activity. Some clinical studies are trying to prove that Metformin can help in treating cancers and preventing reoccurrences.

Julie, I suggest that you ask about this drug when you are visiting Mayo next month since dr Roon is a researcher over there.I read that there is some concerns if the patient has any previous cardiac problems but certainly it will benefit you and this board to inquire about it.



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Oh Lainy,

It really felt good talking to you today, you are such a nice lady.
Cheers to our new  International Family, American, Scottish and Lebanese.
WOW, What a MIX!!!  I wish the whole world is reading this.

By the way Lainy, I left myself another voicemail on my office phone...I will let you know when I check it.




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I will echo on what Krissy said, I am sorry that anyone has to deal with any kind of cancer, it is a never ending NIGHTMARE.

Few years ago, a wonderful woman started a post about what we hate about cc. I am sure some of the long time members would know what I am talking about.

If I start to tell you how I feel and what I hate about this F...... Cancer, not apologizing for that, I can write a book.



Dear Evan,

I am sorry to hear that your mom is having pain, I hope that the issue will be solved soon.
I am not familiar with how the system works in Ireland but I am sure that it should be somehow similar to the US.
Calling your oncologist ward is a good idea, even if her main doctor is away, the on call doctor will be able to make some decisions in his behalf.
I know for fact that whenever a patient has cancer, even if they are admitted to the ER, the doctors usually consult with the oncologist in charge or his office to  agree on the treatment.
If you think that your mom's stent is causing the pain and needs to be replaced, I suggest that you go the the hospital, call the oncology ward or whoever you think of so they can get it done ASAP. A clogged stent causes increase in her biliruben levels that will lead to delaying chemo.

Good luck and I hope your mother will feel  better soon.



As you know, Shingles  is caused by a low immune system that allows the virus hiding in the body for years to flair and cause symptoms. Therefore I don't think it is contagious.
My dad had shingles 2 months ago due the stress and losing over 20 lb within 2 months. I asked the doctor and he said it was not contagious.
Why don't y
I think it will be a good idea to double check with your doctors and get different opinions.
Please keep us posted.

Have fun with your family.



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Thank you Lainy and Julie,

I am doing ok other than the insomnia that has been hunting me for few months now. I feel so tired during the day because I wake up several times at night.

I haven't spoken to Lainy yet but I will. I have a personal question about her, about something that she mentioned a couple of times on this board and I am wondering how she does it. I am sure she will explain it to me using her wisdome and convincing talent.

I hope everybody is having a good weekend.



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Alone, I left my parents house very early this morning for the first time since my mom died.
I have been staying with my Dad, so we have been leaving the house around 8 am for the last four and a half months.
I used to cherish my quiet ride going to work, embrace the beauty around me as the early morning breeze and the majic of the daylight breaking in the horizon filled my soul with a great sense of peace and joy.
This morning, everything felt different. As I crossed the turn that leads to my own house where my wife and youngest son are sleeping, my emotions got the best of me. A weird, out of body sensation took over me. I felt numb, as if my whole body was paralyzed and as if the car was on auto pilot.
Memories of my life were crossing my mind as if I was sitting in front of a TV Screen. Memories of the day I came to the US, the day I met my lovely wife, our kids nices and nephews growing up, the ups and downs in my marriage, the death of my very young sister in law and father in law. My brother losing his job and going back to France, me breaking my ankle and having two surgeries, my brother in law's sickness and dying, my mother's sickness and dying .

AND NOW... Another arrow strikes my heart, cutting off another piece of the little bit of flesh that is left so it keeps beating. My Pretty Girl, the woman that stole my heart with the beauty of her eyes and soul, my best friend who shared my happiness and pains, and I are going our separate ways.She tried her best to make it work and So did I, but we couldn't overcome our pride as we grew apart.

As all these emotions rolled in my mind, I felt the tears building up but couldn't cry.
I tried to squeeze them out but my eye lids were frozen open.

A beeping horn brought me back to reality. A deputy next to me on the red light rolled down his window and asked me if I knew what is the lane I am on is for?  I looked at him still trying to get myself back together. I guess I got on his nerves so his yelled with his southern accent:
" it is called the crossing lane and you can get up to $185 ticket" and he drove away breaking the silence of the morning with the sound of his rumbling engine.

As I am writing this post my tears are flowing down my cheeks, not because I feel sorry for myself but because I miss the conversations, the dreams and the time I had with Sam, my brother in law. I miss my mother's beautiful smile and her loving arms around me, her presence and care that always made me feel safe.Now, I am going to miss my dreams of growing old with the beautiful girl that will always have my heart and will miss telling her every morning:



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Our Duke Chuck,

I was thinking about that as Krissy and I were going back and forth on this post.
This board is a reflection of our lives. It happens on our daily interactions and most of the time as you said" the train of  topic winds around the curves"

I still cannot have a smile on my face, nothing can bring me joy.
The weekends are the worst and here is another one coming.

Lainy I have a personal question that has been in my mind for few months now, even before I registers on the is board. I am not sure if I should ask you here.



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Carl, Lynn and Family,

You are in my thoughts. I am here for you, please let me know if there is anything I can do.



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That is a good point KRISSY The Moderator.

Being 6'1" I think the new nickname will be cute.
You are a SHINING STAR too. KrisV is our Star Caregiver, She falls into a different category.

By the way, you did not get my point, I know  that you don't sweat small stuff anymore but you missed the idea of " The White Lie"... Scooter, Pic ( hint hint)



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Dear Krissy, I am giving you a new nickname so there is no confusion between you and our STAR Cargiver KrisV .
Lebanese people have sometimes funny ways to justify things and make them easier to swallow and accept. For instance, when someone is trying to bend or hide the truth, not with bad intentions but just so he doesn't hurt someone's else feeling or because he doesn't feel like doing something, they justify it by calling it "A WHITE LIE".

Did you get my point???

Just a small educational view on our Lebanese culture..."Not worth the stress... Make it simple and continue to enjoy life"



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Our dearest Lynn and Carl,

I am so touched by your post.You took the time to thank everyone on this board for being here for you on your journey where we should be thankful to Lynn and you for putting your trust in us by allowing us to share your experiences and feelings.

Your pain is ours, each one of us( I am sure I am talking on behalf everyone else) who has experienced the brutality and unfairness of this cancer is with Lynn, you and your beautiful family.
Spouses, parents, sibling and children... This cancer is UGLY COWARD THEIF that tries to steal our loved ones with NO MERCY.

Lynn, you are a Wonderful Woman, Wife and Mother.
Carl, you are a  Wonderful Man, Husband and Father.

You stood by everyone of us at the time we needed help, when we needed an advice, and most definitely when we needed comfort. You taught us what love and caring are all about.

Sending all my love and prayers to all of you.


Oh Lainy, no way you can't remember this:

" I will take a bullet for you too Sis... What the heck, I don't have anything to lose anyway"

In that meaning...


Dear Lainy,
My memory is fading too and lately I am not able to concentrate on anything and I am 41 yo.
I am assuming that I am having a selective memory, but I do remember this one.
When the doctors told Teddy that they ran out of options, Marie, your sister in law told him over the phone: " Oh TT I love you so much, I will take a BULLET for you"
Did I refresh your memory ???
Now you should remember what his answer was...
Shhh... Don't say it because that will contradict the meaning of the unconditional family  love that I was rumbling about



Do you remember this:
" TT I will take a Bullet for you"


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Dear Joanna,

I lost my mother 4 months due to a UTI that turned into sepsis.
I wish there is anything I can do or say to make you feel better and ease your pain. It hurts a lot..
Keep your Mom close to your heart, she will always be your Guardian Angel.



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Dear Percy, Carl, Sara and every sick person and their families,

You are in my prayers tonight

Saint Charbel pray for all who are suffering

Dear Sara and family,

I will keep praying for a miracle...



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Dear Kris,

You are not going anywhere soon, you have many many years ahead if you to enjoy.Remember, you are now dealing with a chronic disease and hopefully soon a cure will be found.

My Mother was a great cook, not saying that because I am her son. I used to tease her when my brother came  to visit and she prepared all his favorite dishes by telling her that he is her favorite child and that I think she did not care about me and my sister if we ate or not.

By the way kris, I so want a picture of this cute tall girl next time she takes a ride on the scooter. YESSS