Has anyone heard of Cyberknife or tried it?


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Hi Brenda my name is Valerie. My husband Rand was diagnosed in March 2007, we live in Layton Utah.

This site has been a very big help to me I've come often to find answers to my questions.

I hope all goes well with the transplant.


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Hi this is Val. I haven't posted many messages on the board but do read it a lot.

My husband Rand, 60 years old was diagnosed with CC in March of this year. He has been receiving chemo and the tumor, when the last CT scan was done, had shrunk. We haven't had a scan in several months but I have a feeling the cancer is growing.

The reason for the subject being chemicals is because I am just curious how many people out there with CC have worked with chemicals. Rand has been around airplanes his entire life and in the 70's worked as a mechanic at a airforce base. He worked with trichloroethylene, they used it to clean their tools and also would take off their shirts and dunk it in this stuff to clean the grease off and then put it back on while it was still wet, they even strayed it on the inside of the airplane to clean the grease and did not wear masks.

I don't know if this is what casued his cancer and don't want to go after any companies but would be interested in knowing if others have worked with chemicals or were around them.


Hi I will pray for you and your father and the rest of your family, also for all of Carol's family. I will also send all the good and positive thoughts I can your way. I ask that you also pray for my husband, Rand.
When we were told that Rand had CC I felt so lost and still do at times but I'm learning to live in the moment, to be present in all my thoughts specially when when Rand is up and around.
Carol, I have finally started telling friends and family that I don't want to talk about every detail and even don't want them to stop by or go over to their houses for dinner, etc. Those I have told say they are so glad I told them. Family and friends have nothing but good intensions you just have to let them know, they will understand.
This site is a wonderful place to go to share feeling and thoughts and I appreciate all of you.


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Thank you all for your help and all the info. Rand (my husband) says the last couple of days the hearing of water has come and gone. We have a doctors appointment next week and I plan on asking about it. I didn't know they  had a product information sheet, no one has ever said anything to us about it but I plan on asking for a copy.
I hope the best for everyone and really appreciate this site it has helped me out so much!!


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Hi all,
My husband has CC and has been been doing chemo for about six months. I would like to know if anyone who has CC or has a loved one with CC has ever experienced the sound of water in your ears? my husband told me the other day that for the last couple of months it sounds like he has water in his ears all the time....I wonder if it has to do with the chemo or maybe because he lost 25 pounds in three weeks?


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thank you for your support...sometimes I think I might go crazy.....I feel so lost.


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Hi my name is val, we found out six months ago that my husband has CC. When we found out the tumor was 3 1/2 inches by 3 inches. He started chemo five months ago, doing gemzar and 5FU. He had a stent put in the first month because the bile was not draining. We found out three weeks ago the tumor has reduced in size to about 2 inches and he had the stent taken out two days ago.
I asked his doc if the chemo will make the cancer ago away and he said no that it would just keep it at bay....
Has anyone out there had anything like this happen? did the chemo stop the cancer or did it end up coming back?
The chemo makes him very tired and he doesn't do much but sleep.