It was indeed tumor fever. After rulling out other options, the doctors perscribed "Naxin" which lowered the fever and allowed her a more "reasonable" life quality until her last couple of weeks. Unfotunately, she passed away in September after a year from the first diagnosis.


Hi all,

Has anyone had any experiecnce with fever between chemo treatments? my mom did the last CT scan two weeks ago, and since she had fever on and off (around 102 degrees). It goes down during the days, but usually comes back at night.

Also, we are suppose to start a new protocol of chemo (gemzar and xeloda) + Avastin. Has anyone faced the dilema of giving treatment while the patient has fever? is that possible? the doctors dont know what is the source to this fever (her blood count is normal, and there is no other evidence of inflamation). It has been 4 weeks since the last treatment and in the first couple of weeks (before the CT scan) she didn't have fever at all.



Hi Everyone,

My 62 year old mom was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in August 2005. It