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I have been reading a lot of the e-mails from different people and my heart is just breaking.  My mom was diagnosed in mid-June.  She just turned 71 this month.  My dad died from liver cancer 2 years ago (different kind).  My dad had "chills" really bad just before he passed away.  My mom is now having those same "chills."  Does anyone know if this is a sign of her nearing the end?  I really can't get any doctors to tell me anything.  She has had 3 chemoembolization treatments, but doesn't seem to be getting better or stronger after this most recent one.  The doctor said if she is not stronger in 3 weeks, he will not do anymore treatments on her.  If you have any information on the chills, please let me know.  I appreciate your time in responding.  My prayers are with all of you.  It is depressing, yet comforting somehow to know my family is not the only ones dealing with this horrific type of cancer.


Does anyone have information about the "chills" in someone with CC and when they start developing these chills?