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my partner, diagnosed 6 years ago April 2007, then chinese treatment, then operation in April 2009, (posted in 2009) everything ok ever since. just had 4th year check report, everything ok.

Sorry that I didn't visit this site so often nowadays. What brought me back is the pain that a friend of mine died from cancer 卵巢癌。(To whom I sent from China the medicine but she did not use. ) For your question 1, it is actually their recoomendation that chemotherapy goes together with the Chinese herb of which Tian Xian Liquid is one sort and main medicine I believe. Wan Zhen guo became to be known with Tian Xian Liquid, there are now more chinese medicine used in the hospital. question 2, my partner was asked to stay there continuosly for 6 months, but he stay there maximum one month, normally 3 weeks, then he come back for 2-4 months, in total he did about 6 months still but in 6 times in 2 years. Question 3, Each time he got one treatment like embolisation, plus each day injection of liquid version of chinese herb (extraction). My parnter just came back from a visti to the hospital along with his business trip. He brought back the chinese medicine, one of that is Tian Xian Liquid, he start to use it again. He receive check each 3 months now, so far everything is fine.
By the way, I check email more often, if question would like quick answer, email me then.
Best wishes to all who read this.

Some small detail I still found interesting to share: Before the operation, MOnday was teh operation, the Friday before it at late afternoon we had a talk with the surgeor as routine, that was hte first time we saw the surgeor, very friendly chat over all the last 2 years. The surgeor said that maybe it was diagnostics wrong, maybe it was something else than CC--- It was first time for him to look close at my partner's case. I was surprised but luckily I remembered and mentioned the high number of CA199 of 2 years ago, then he said in that high number the wrong diagnostics cannot be.  From my questioning at the other chance seeing the doctor again after operation, I got the feeling that IF he was not convinced that it was CC, the resection process might be something else; Because the biopsy was clear, and he said he saw something SEEMS to be not normal but my understanding is that he didn't really observe tumor during his operation. Although this is my understanding, it is pretty clear impression because that is specially my curiority and I did nagging on this. It is that only later the pathology diagnostics result says CC for 3 cent meter. I interpret it as some hint from previous tumor not clear viaible by eye but visible by the pathology diagnostics.
So summery, quite somethings that seems coinsidence but come together to be a miracle. I am still for the chinese treatment. Marion's conclusion of that true extent of this cancer only can be determined by observation during surgery is not what I meant and what I can conclude. It is a pity I did not have chance to talk to teh surgeor after the pathology report, otherwise I might understand better.

It's been 3 months since my partner had operation, I just update some facts. First operation took 12 hours and 3 days later a second one of 5 hours, second one was done because some blockage in bile way, and part of liver of removed at that time. Part of portal vein is resected because the bile duct was so close to it. That was the reason for so long duration of first operation. The bipsy (coming to medical wording, I am not sure if it is correctly spelling, this seems not a definite diagnostics)  show clear of cancer but the pathodology result (took few weeks to get) shows hint of  CC of 3 cm in the resected part of the bile duct. So the surgeon kind of verified that CC was invisible as the pet-scan few weeks earlier shown.
My partner stayed in hospital for 6 weeks, later had 2 times some infection caused high temprature, now is everything normal.

I gave up my searching and study and warries when the day my partner decided to go for operation. Thanks for Marions' support and advice still. All the doctors said it is a miracle and would come to China for further check, but they did not do it which I can also understand. Today when we saw the ocologist I talked about planing to send my partner to teh chinese hospital to get the herbs treatment so prevent from re-occurence, the doc says "why not,

We just came back from the doctor, our oncologist in the hospital in our area, Eindhoven, not the surgery in liver center in Groningen,  (last time visit to him was last November,) this doctor suggested an operation, yes, it is a heavy operation, but it is the only chance of cure, even the tumor is invisible from pet-scan, it will come back.
Yes it is kind of westling, and I feel exhausted from it. Operation or not operation, all western literature says operation is the only cure; chinese doctor not operation because it is deep inside body, and the bile duct and parts of that area function much to immue system and cycle system of the body, (my problem is nobody around me understand this clearly.) not like the breast for example, once removed only breast gone, does not affect function of other parts, simply say risk much that after operation situation will be not as good as now. I can only say if my partner's situation happens to myself, I would select not to do operation, but my partner is again today decided to do operation.

I have many questions not helping me persuading my partner to give up the operation, but I am confident to recommend to the people specially if you do not have other operation. I know there are a lot of question when you look at website and other informaiton about them but i consider because their way of reporting is not scientific, besides how it works is not known, that is why it is not convincing to educated people, regardless these facts, the medicien is effective. A bit more, my partner's pet-scan result is also exceptional/surprising to the doctor there. They also say people difference, not every body react the same. And there is a saying that if one never takes the chinese medicine before, then it is more effective if he/she takes the medicine.  Myself is a chinese, a physicist, among the 7 times my partner was in china, I've accompanied there 3 times.

Did a pet-scan in china and result says tumor is invisible, chinese doctor just convinced my partner not to do operation, though it is scheduled for next week. Next Monday we shall have a talk with doctor here for final decision, likely it is just decision of my partner himself.

Saw the surgery at the liver center several weeks ago, he said maybe it is still good to try resection, they will open and see what they can do, maybe cut only duct, maybe half of liver, maybe cannot do anything, seems no other way to forsee what can be done without open the chest. As for what can forsee as result, same as can found from internet, 30% survive over 5 years after surgery. I am doubting should we try to do the surgery or should continue just use chinese medicine which tend to a promise surviving with cancer. I am afraid the stable situation now cannot be kept after the operation, however the same time afraid of loss a chance of total cure. Although should be glad the chance of operation is given now, (2 years, almost, ago when diagnosed, it was written by the doctor nothing can be expected.) I am still doubting......

It is expensive to us too, we ordered once before going first time to hospital in China for the treatment, the rest got from the hospital in China, there it is much cheaper, though some people says the export ones are better.  For my partner's case the insurance does not pay, neither for hte medicien nor for bills from hospital (the hospital costs inexpensive comparing to europe), but at the hospital I met people from Thailand for example, the insurance pays. So maybe you can try with your insurance company to see if they can pay, I guess you need luck plus tacts to be sucessful on this if you are from a Western country.  Anyway if you order you should ask for discount.

My partner still not get an apointment from the liver center yet.

With best wishes

End NOv MRCP was done, the reports said the tumor was 1-2cm, (20 months ago was ~4x3cm, Blood report has always been good since Oct 2007.) now waiting for the say from specialist from liver center in Netherlands, hope to have some 3rd or 4th opinion.

I have posted about my partner's treatment in China, he was diagnosed and a stent inserted begining Apr 2007, late May began use chinese medicine Tian Xian Liquid, begining June started treatment in the hospital in CHina from the same inventor for Tian Xian Liquid, now in total 6 times treatment, each time CT-scan is done about 20 days after the treatment, the result of first time was so effective that teh stent could be removed, the second time was schrunk than first time, third time again stable or schrunk a bit, 4th time was stable actually slightly increased, 5th time stable, 6th time was better than expected, that is now, the report is that it almost cannot be seen if not carefully check.

The medicine plus the treatment is definitely effective in our case,  we were grateful since seeing the first result, although I still have my figures crossed even now. Hopefully by continous taking the mechine, which strengthen the immue system as well as destruct the tumor cell (I see more research about it) it can be under control.

Google Tian Xian Liquid, you see about the medicine, and the inventor Wan Zhen Guo,  the link to hospital is http://www.wzg.cn/, there is english version although at this moment it seems inactive.

My partner had the hepatic arterial infusion for 6 times, it is kind of standard way of treatment in the hospital we go (in China).

My partner got treatment in China, sort of combined chinese medicine with chemo small amount , his case is inoperable intrapetic CC, there i heard from the doctor that statistics tells that the higher survive rate from the people who had operation but no chemo, this to support the theory that chemo may destroy the immune system, which is very important to fight cancer. This is just for reference, I am not a doctor, I tell only what I heard.

Also for info, this hospital claim their medicine be effective on reducing the chance of reocuurence after surgery, and cancer be treated as chronic disease like high pressure, by taking the medicine, the tumor can be hold still. It is my wander how mature/real is this but it is the hope we have.

My partner got the first treatment June last year (diagnosed in April 07), it was so effective that stent could be removed afterwards. Treatment continues and CT-scan about each 3 months, CT-scan result showed regression until last scan which was in last July, the size was slightly increased than the one in last April 08, (3.5cm~3.1cm) hospital report called it stable though. He worked like a dog in May so it was not really surprising to me. Now plan to finish the 6th treatment then see what next.


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My partner, 59, has always been strong, diagnosed intrahepatic CC April 2007, received 2 times Chemo embolisation/ injection from artery in a hospital in China, the medicine is combined Chinese herb (extract) with some chemo medicine I cannot translate. The tumor seems not visible or say shrunk from last scan in November.

In this site you can find more ways which working. I hope our experience is some information adding for you; also the insurence we have refuse to pay the treatment in China, named it is not regular treatment.

If you are searching for way of treatment, you can have a look at teh following site:

My boyfriend shows very positive effect after this treatment, for more information please look in the Introduction section posted by my name.

I have a positive story for my boyfriend Adri to tell. (written him boyfirend because we are not married officially, practically we live together, here is Netherlands so it is normal living together without marriage, though I am a tranditional Chinese. ) 

Adri, 59 years old, look healthy always, only since 2 years he cannot drive on the high way, did not know why. In March 2007, he became to be yellow and has itech on his skin and has no apetite for eating, lossing weight. It took about 3 weeks, the diagnostis result from the hospital came in the begining of April: cholangiocarcinoma, tumor on the higher part of the bile duct, not spread yet, about 3x4 mm, not resectable, the only treatment could be done was a stein to guide the bile; no hope for chemical therapy also becuase it will not react.

I was searching from internet and found sites about chinese medicien effective for curing. Though a lot of criticise say cheating, we still gave a try because there is no other hope. Begining June we went to a hospital by the specialist who made teh medicien, in Zhuhai, to get the treatment. We stay there 10 days and come back, the check result in July was that first teh blood check result become to be better, than the CT-scan shows the tumor became to be smaller. In July Adri went to the hospital again and stayed there for one month, the check result in August, September, October are very good for blood testing, the CA199 (normal < 24) was done twice, in July 3500, in October 52. His doctor in Holland is surprised again and again.

This chinese treatment is very effective for Adri, that is for sure. I do see also in June he easily got sick but for last 3 months he did not get sick, he works 6 days per week. But blood test is not everything, CT-scan (3rd time for Adri) would say more, however we wait for one week to get it planed but it will be Decemeber. At the moment we are deciding when to go there again for more treatment. Nobody know how it will develop. From Chinese hospital, they said 6 treatment is needed, he should be there before October, but somehow we still have not gone there yet. But he still take the medicien.

The site for medicine information:

I did not read through all your post, maybe what I post here is not new, but anyhow, I would bring this sharp to whoever judged no hope. Nobody can gurantee anything, but you can consider a try for this Chinese treatment.

If you feel needed, you can contact me at tian_luxian@yahoo.com

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