I will be thinking of you on January 14, and all your family. 

Your husband was lucky to have you there for him.



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Your are so right in saying that we now have more angels in heaven.  Please do not forget those people that have passed away in 2006.


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We lost so many great people this year - Sam Johnson, Bea Garcia, Kelly Lester and so many others.  Please remember all them always



I also lost my mother to this cancer and have been a part of this website from the beginning.  I would very much like to contribute to this cause and will put my best effort foward for this cause.  I pray for my Mom and also pray for Kelly,Sam and all the others that have been a part of this big and close family.

Please know that I am willing to help in this very important cause so close to my heart.

I look forward to your email.


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I still think of your husband and always think of how you are doing.  I feel like I knew him because of following the blog for so long.  I lost someone to this cancer and I feel like it is getting harder not easier.  I get scared that everyone will forget, but I know that will not happen.  Will you do something in your husbands memory?  I am trying to think of something to do in my loved one's  memory.  I have some bad days and good days.   I wish there was a monument for our loved ones as this is such a rare cancer.   Please know that you are in my prayers and I am sure we all pray for each other on this website.

What is the status on the Foundation.  I would like to contribute to foundation.

It makes me feel good to read words from both Betty and Teresa.  I do not know how to describe how I feel sometimes, but you both understand.  The only thing that bothers me is that sometimes I feel so angry.  My mom not once complained or got angry.  I do not know how she remained so posiitive with all her pain.   I understand that I should not be angry.   I do not want people to forget all the special people that have passed away from this terrible cancer.  I just want to do something and I look forward to the foundation.  I do not know if you guys feel the same way, but I want to do something special for these people and I just do not know what to do in addition to helping with the foundation.  Does anyone have any ideas, because I do not want people to forget my Mom or Sam or Dan?

Dan is in my prayers.


I did not know Sam, but I felt like as if I knew him.  I worried and prayed for him when you did not have updates.  I think I know exactly how you feel and what you went through, because my Mom passed away just seven weeks ago.  The experience you had with Sam is exactly what we went through with my Mom.  I wanted so much to email you, but I was going to my Mom's house everyday and you understand the rest.  I wanted to help my Mom everyday and spent any free time researching this rare cancer.   Only someone that has gone through this experience can really understand.   I think about my Mom everyday and am trying to figure what we can to honor her.   Sam reminds me of my Mom.   I cannot thank everyone enough for all their work on this site.  I wish I could help the people that are still going through this experience.  I look at this website all the time and pray for everyone.  I look forward to the foundation.  I wish their was something unique and elegant that symbolized this cancer because we need awareness for this cancer.


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We lost my Mom a few weeks ago and I miss her everyday. When I read the blogs eveyone is experiening the same thing.   I pray for everyone on this wonderful website. We are in a special group.  We all understand each other so much. I wish we could form some sort of meeting to see each other.  How I know it is impossible for most everyone as your loved ones need  family and friends now. 

I would really like to learn more about the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. 
Please forward any new information on the foundation so that we may help.

I know alot of people on this website want to fight for a cure and get involved in the foundation.  Everyone in this special group understands what I mean.

Maybe a special monument or something special for the people who  fight so hard with this rare cancer.

What every happen to the meeting mentioned by Stacy.  Did anyone find out anything else on the meeting or new treatments as stated by Doctor in email.  Where will the meeting be held and what doctors will be involved.


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Is it serious if your bones are duffusely demineralized.  Can it be reversed?  Is it common or is the end of the road?   Please Please help.


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Help!  What should I do if my father's feet are both swollen.  Has anybody experienced this before?  My doctor has prescribed something already.  They are stil swollen.