My husband has two biliary drains.  They have been in since the beginning of May.  One had to be replaced three times--and now is finally working as it should.  The first time, I couldn't flush the drain, the saline solution would come right back out, the second and third time it was leaking.  A bigger drain was put in, and it has been working well since.  His second drain had to be replaced two weeks ago, because it was leaking.  Right now things seem to be working OK.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.

We were apprehensive at first, but this is now our new normal.   We have found that there are times the drains are not draining well, sometimes one drains, and the other doesn't.  Not quite sure why this happens--but eventually it all evens out.

Good luck with the procedure.  I know in my husband's case it is the only thing keeping his bilirubin numbers down.

Thanks for all the responses.  I appears we will probably get one of the drains replaced this week.   We are lucky, my husband has no sign of infection, the drain is still working, but it leaks.  My biggest concern is the potential problems having to his skin.  I have been using tagaderm to cover the drain, but I fear that changing it every day will eventually cause problems with his skin.    Hopefully, with a little tweaking, we will get this drain operating as it should.  It took three tries with his other drain.  Thanks for all the help and support.  Just when we get a new "normal", something else seems to pop up.  I feel so inadequate, as I really do not know how to deal with many of these issues.  But we are learning...........

My husband has had 2 drains in his liver for about 3 weeks.  One of the drains has had to be replaced twice already, as i wasn't able to flush it.  They put in a bigger drain, and now it is working.  His other drain will periodically quit draining, and all of the fluid come out through the hole where the drain is placed.   When this happens, I am also unable to flush the drain.  I clean the area, redress it, and within 8 hours, the drain starts working again.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?    There is no fever, so no obvious infection.   The first time this happened, it was on Friday before Memorial day, and when I talked with the interventional radiology team, we decided to keep a watch, and if it continued to malfunction, take a trip to the ER.  The situation resolved itself, and the drain functioned properly until last evening.  My husband is very reluctant to go in to get it checked as long as it seems to correct itself.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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Xeloda is the only chemo my husband has had.  After a successful resection in March, he had Xeloda in conjunction with radiation, followed by Xeloda alone.  When he was offered the Xeloda post radiation, the oncologist told us that there was no evidence that Xeloda would help, but they would offer.  He did the chemo, and just got his post chemo scan results-at this time, there is no active cancer.  January 26 will be the one year anniversary of his diagnosis--stage 4.


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My husband had surgery in March 2014.  Following surgery, he had radiation with  Xeloda.  After 5 weeks of radiation, he had a little break, and then Xeloda alone.  He tolerated it pretty well, although toward the end of his treatment he developed hand/foot syndrome--his hands and feet were very sensitive, skin on his fingers wanted to split, and bottom of his feet experienced peeling.  He frequently lotioned his hands and feet with a good quality lotion--this helped immensely.  Other than sensitive hands/feet, he didn't really experience any other side effects. He just finished his last round in mid-December.

Thank you both Peter and Joyce for the helpful information.

I am reading everyones story and gathering as much info as I can.  I will have a better idea of how my mother is doing when I visit her in a week.  She tells me she is feeling good, but has lost 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks.  Is this normal when you start chemo (Gemzar) Does anyone have any diet suggestions?   

Thank you again

Hello all, I am so thankful I came upon this site!  I have many questions.  My mother was diagnosed with cc  at the end of Sept.  She was at John Hopkins where she was to under go whipple surgery.  Unfortunately when they opend her up the doctors discovered the cancer had spread into her pancreas, liver and other parts.  There was nothing they could do.  She is now in Florida receiving her first round of chemo treatment.  The oncologist gave her 3 to 9 months. Im personally not ready for that, I give her longer, my mother is strong and a fighter.  She is 75 and was very healthy before this.  She could put me to shame with her energy.  Is receiveing chemo a good choice?  She was feeling fine before they started and now she has no energy and feels ill.  Can anyone give me an honest answer on what to expect.  I understand everyones case is a little different, but  I am not sure what to expect in the last few months of her life.  I live in Michigian and need to know the questions to ask when I meet with her doctor during Thanksgiving.  My prayers go out to each and everyone of you.  We must stand strong, have faith, love eachother and live life to the fullest!  Thank you in advance for you time and input.