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Hello, i am new to this website but have found some postings on it quite interesting and sometimes comforting. my dad was diagnosed with CC in March, and has been told it is an unresectable tumor. He has just finished six weeks of chemoradiotherapy and got through it unscathed, however it has now caught up with him and he is really tired and grey looking. He also is short of breath which was a concern when he was initially diagnosed, so of course now he and all of our family are worried that the tumor has been stirred up a bit. When he was diagnosed in march, he was told there were no treatment options, however his oncologist kept searching for someone to offer us something. Finally a specialist in Melbourne offered him his chemoradiation, and hence now we wait and see if it has done anything. It is such a weird feeling, being told you have cancer and go home and enjoy the rest of your life.
Personally i find day to day things challenging, with xmas and birthdays. I find I am always wondering will this be the last time we share these precious times with dad. I have also just had a baby and find it quite hard to consider that dad isn't going to be around to see her grow and develop. my 2 older children are also a challenge, as i can't bear the thought of them losing their pa. Oh what a terrible thing this is. If anyone can sift through my ramblings, please respond as it is comforting to know other people share my frustrations.