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My mother is one of Dr. Canady's patients and is so far a whopping success story. All of her tumor was removed and while she is fighting an infection she is home at our rented apt. in Pitt resting comfortably. She still faces chemo and she decided to fight this hideous cancer instead of going quietly in 6 months. Dr. Canady is the  most passionate and caring doctor my family has ever met. Although mom is out of the hospital, he still calls daily to check on her. Yes, he can't save everyone; I think his fault is that he tries to help them all; some are just too sick.


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My mother had surgery at MonValley Hospital one week ago by Dr. Canady to remove her Klatskin Tumor. He resected 40% of her liver and she is doing well, going home today; will start chemo/radiation in one week. She is 76 yrs. old. Dr. Canady is the most dedicated, passionate, caring doctor I have ever met. Just ask the other 4 families he did surgery on this past week, Katya's dad included.  WE ALL LOVE DR. CANADY!!!  If anyone wants any info feel free to contact me.

A very grateful daughter,    Melody