Dear Ted and Patty,
Thank you for your kind words. I wil look into the IP-6 as it is mentioned quite a lot on this site. Here in the UK there is not a great deal of emphasis on alternative therapies, or if there is Iit has never been mentioned to me.
I hope Patty is feeling well at the moment - and that you are both keeping strong.
Ray will be going for his next CT scan on Friday this week, then I suppose we will have to decide whether he can continue without treatment or whether to go with the chemo.
Fingers crossed it has not grown too much.

Thanks Joyce, I will let you know the visit goes.


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Dear Val,
My husband also worked with Trichloroethylene, he used to service dry cleaning machines as part of his job, again this was probably in the 70s - he has been wondering if this was to blame for the cancer?
It may be a coincidence but TCE is classed as a carcinogen now.

I havent seen Grapeseed extract mentioned before. There is a very strong antioxidant, and recent work shows that in a study with mice a daily 300mg dose was enough to reduce cancer cells. I am giving it to my husband and we havent had any proof it is reducingthe cancer, but it cannot be doing any harm and is worth a try. It is important to get a good quality Grape seed extract some of the Chinese versions are not as potent. The active components are the Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), In the US a good one is Meganatural Gold from Polyphenolics. (I am an chemist but I dont have any tie in with this company).
The antioxidant properties of GSE is much greater than Vitamin C but there is some work which shows that these two can work synergistically together if both are taken.

Dear Joyce and Jeff,
Thank you so much for your kind massages, I cannot tell you how much it means that complete strangers care enough to offer comfort. My husband has a CT scan on Friday this week and we will see the consultant on Tuesday to discuss the results. We will keep an open mind and I will also bear in mind your experiences. The consultant is great he is letting my husband make up his own mind and not pushing chemo at the moment, but if he does suggest it might be a good thing, we will be guided by him. I think he said he would start on Gemcitabine first as this is best tolerated but if that didnt work he may add oxiplatin or cisplatin.  I asked Ray if he wanted to do anything while he was still well and he said that he had done everything he wanted to do, just would have liked to do more of the same. He has three beautiful daughters and thre lovely grandchildern so he says he has left his legacy to the world!
Many thanks

Dear Mike,
So sorry to hear about your son, you must be devastated. I have been giving my husband Grapeseed extract - it is a very strong antioxidant - it is important to get a good quality one with a high OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin) content - if you are in the US Meganatural Gold from Polyphenolics is a very good one. You can give it a try
Wishing you all the best.

My husband (63) was diagnosed with CC in November last year after a routine scan. The tumour was already 12cm at that time but was positioned so that the liver could still work well. Since that date he has had CAT scans every 3 months and the tumour has spread to both lobes and a localised limph node. As he has been well he has elected not to start chemotherapy, but I am scared that as the tumour is growing we should seriously consider it now. Has anyone any experience of CC has no symptoms? I am scared that when he finally does get ill things will progress very fast. We try to forget aboutit and get on with our life, but we are increasingly aware that we are just waiting for him to get ill. He is starting to get dull aches on both sides of his body and his abdomen is slightly distended but that is all. Any advice anyone please?