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Very well said and oh, so true.  Forever changed.................


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Hey Kris...so good to read your post.  Haven't seen you around much lately and am so happy that you are able to work part-time.  And, by the way, exactly what is normal??  Sure many of us don't qualify for that title...thankfully.  Peace to you.


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"Well done" is right!  Stay open, listen to that inner voice that whisphers not the ego voice that confuses.  So very happy for the happiness you have received.

Marion I hope our paths cross again very soon.  Always so wonderful to connect with you. 
To add to what I previously wrote on Yoga....when practicing you must be in the moment...right here, right now so the mind does not have a chance to wander around feeling a wee bit sorry for itself.  Yoga is the union of mind, body and spirit.  The physical benefits of keeping you flexible helps in many ways.  Always have a sensation of peace, calm after a practice.  Certainly worth giving a try - absolutely nothing to loose.

Yoga benefits are vast.  Definately helped through the grieving process.  Relief of stress and overall uplifting can be obtained.  Highly recommended.

Just wanted to add my thoughts.  I am a Reiki practioner.  After my husband transitioned I wanted a way to help others in their healing processes.  Reiki is a wonderful alternative therapy to be used in conjunction with mainstream medicine or by itself.  Many of the larger hospitals are finally starting to acknowledge the benefits of Reiki for the patient and offer the services.  We are all made of energy and Reiki is a method of moving the energy where it is needed/out of balance.  Reiki seeks to ease stress and tension and produce a balanced, relaxed state for the body and mind.

Totally not on subject of cancer, but I went the acupuncture route to stop smoking and it certainly worked.  Seventeen years ago I was a three pack a day smoker.  My lungs were so compromised that I would sit up in the middle of the night to clear them and then just go back to sleep.  Realized if I didn't stop smoking my time here would be cut short.  I am all for trying different healing routes.

I guess that's why life is called a journey Lainy. Journey's are learning lessons and of course lessons do not come easily, do they?  You are such a powerful, strong lady I am sure that these latest hiccups will pass. 
In peace,


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Hi Mary,
Sending out so much healing energies to you.  It is so difficult making decisions through this journey.  You are on my mind and in my heart.  If you ever want somebody to just come and sit;  to throw around some of the thoughts rambling around in your head, let me know.  I will gladly find my way to Basking Ridge.  Prayers of peace and healing to you.
In peace,


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Percy, so saddened that you feel you have lost your purpose for life.  Sending you loving, healing energies to help stengthen and bolster you.  This journey of life can be so overwhelming.  I personally think your messages to the board are helpful, even to the newcomers. However I am not a patient, was only a caregiver, so my feelings are certainly different.  We are all only here on planet Earth for a certain period of time...some extremely long and others not so much.  What we gleam while here and can communicate to others I think is of utmost importance, as you have been most adept at doing.  Cudos to all that you have contributed to each and every one of us. 
In peace,

That is heartfelt news.  Sending positive energies and prays for a most successful operation and recovery.  Truly a blessing.

Thank you for the posting.  Hopefully they will keep reseaching this to help in the early stages of CC detection.  My husband was infectioned with hepatitis in his mid twenties.  Don't rememeber off the top of my head which variety, but during his treatment we made all doctors aware of the involvement.


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Dear Dee,
Please believe this...you did nothing wrong!  CC is a very sneaky cancer and most patients are diagnosed stage 4.  There are not many warning signals.  Be kind to yourself --- mourn the loss of your Mom, but in so doing don't make yourself wrong.  Praying for your inner strength.
In peace,

So very happy for you Lainy!


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Oh Lainy, sendng you light and love and all the positive energies possible!  These journey's that we take only make us stronger on some level. You are so surrounded by love from both sides of the veil.  Be strong and know you are not alone, ever.
In peace,

Wow Lainy you have really had alot dumped into you lap!  Know prayers and positive, loving energies are coming your way sweet, sweet Lady!  I am sure Teddy is by your side as you travel down all these unwelcome avenues. 
In peace,

My husband was also an offset printer.  We had a screen printing company, but Rob also had an offset press he used there.  As a younger man his boss allowed him a small offset press to do jobs on the side.  Hoping this research continues so others can be made aware of the dangers that may be present in this industry.


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Sending blessings of healing Grace for you and all people in need.  This journey we call life can certainly take it's toll at times.  Stay strong knowing ultimately all is in the hands of God.
In peace,


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WoooHooo!  So happy for the good results and the tremedous caring.  Thank you for being a part of this trial.  Thank you.


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So good to read that once again.  Yes, the book is wonderful and very comforting.  Always good to be reminded....sometimes we loose track.  Thank you.

Great news Mary!  So happy you are getting a chance to travel to Florida and see family - and oh...the Keys.  What a wonderful place to just relax and let go.  Have a fabulous time - you so deserve it.


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Nancy - what a wonderful post.  So very happy for you.  You have had a very rough four years, but to be blessed with maintenance chemo and a scan every 4 months is certainly worth celebrating.  WooHoo!


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Ab-soul-utley fantastic!! Sending positive energies for your surgery.

Kris so spot on.  Thank you for being there for so many.  It is hard reading through the tears and so great when a little hint of humor brings a smile to the lips.

Woohoo Kris!!  Way to go.  So very happy to read the good news.  Blessings of the season to you!