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Can you get bile duct cancer if your gallbaldder has been removed?  My mother died of this awful disease in Sept of 2007. They had detected gallstones about 2 years prior to her cancer diagnosis. In the mean time she had broken her hip and needed 2 surgeries, so she never had her gall bladder removed.


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My mother was diagnosed with bile duct cancer the middle of August. She was 78 years old. There were no surgical options and chemo and/or radiation would have added weeks to her life.  She was in the hospital for 3 weeks and then relaeased to a nursing home to rehab. The original doctor gave her 6 months to 2 years at the high end to live..

She was doing physical therapy at the nursing home trying to get her strenghth up to go home. She was doing well with everything. Then about Sept 13th she started going downhill. She was cold all the time-no appetite-sleeping a lot. On Sept 20th my father and I were told she was dying. She was in and out and passed away about 10:30 that night.

I miss her terribly but was glad she did not have to suffer long.  This happened so fast and there was so little time.