Oh that's fantastic! That should teach the teacher a lesson for life! Never judge a pupil too soon!


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I am currently reading many things on chemo and as my brother's doctor informed him, it might be that especially at the beginning of chemo, the markers level rises - it is of course not a general fact as every body reacts differently. All best for you!

I think it is perfectly normal to be tired after chemo - the body has to cope with so many substances and reacts vehemently.

all the best for the future for you! :-)

Your story is really an encouragement, I will let my brother know. He also feels okay after the surgery and hopes to fully recover.

I learned many things through the post above. Thank you! But as far as I understood, there is not a safe chance of healing a certain percentage of patients yet, right? I know that researchers are working very hard on making the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as effective as possible but  I have not yet heard about cure really...


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A nutrition question from a "caretaker": so if someone has had cancer and has had surgery too, it probably makes also some sense to change nutrition afterwards to keep "fit". Is there, on the other hand, some food which should not be eaten? I could imagine that the body is more sensitive. And allergic, too. Maybe one should see a doctor, and get tested on food. I think it does no harm given that they have all assay kit testing strategies to test more than one allergy at once.
All best, Jon

Hi Lynn and Lainy,
I am Jon and my brother suffers from cancer in the bile duct. He had surgery and hopes to fully recover but I am very worried. What kind of pain is that he patients suffer and which kinds of food do actually help reducing it? or is medication necessary at all times?
thanks in advance!

Hi to all,

thanks for the warm welcome! Well, the history of my brother is the following:

He has had an uneasy stomach for a long time already, and he was regularly checking with his GP because their is an inclination in our family to get ulcers and the like.

He had an ulcer last year and although he was treated, the pain and digestive problems never really went away. So he went to the GP again who diagnosed him with cancer in the bile duct. However, it is a very early stage despite the fact that his symptoms lasted for so long already.
In fact, he probably did not have any symptoms necessarily related to the cancer in the first place, but to the ulcers still, but that made him go to the GP who then found the first hints of the cancer which usually go unnoticed (or are not taken seriously by patients...) I am not a specialist of course, and as far as I know, there is a whiff of a chance that the surgery he had to undergo shortly after the diagnosis has cured him for now. But as I am worried, I did some research and found out that the cancer is actually almost incurable, (only the little chance of surgery is mentioned). My brother is actually someone who speaks very openly about things, but since the diagnosis he went rather quiet - which is understandable but worries me even more, because I feel he is hiding some information about himself. I do not yet dare to ask...so I wanted to get some info on how post-surgical patients recover. Thanks a lot!

For some odd reason, I have already 6 posts in the display, even though the above one is my first - so do not mix me up with the other Jon.
Just to avoid misunderstandings...

Hello everyone,
my name is Jon and have learned two months ago that my brother has got cancer. I am very worried and would simply like to read some experience with the disease, major side effects of treatments/recoveries etc.
Regards, jon

jules wrote:

alison and jon

Any questions about the surgery - what to expect etc, just ask - Jules

Thanks , but I think I'm too scared to ask smile

Really , if I think of anything , you're top of my list , thanks .

Good advice , UK , re:GP , he is good , I also have a great nurse (albeit perhaps under the employ of my prof ), but will speak to her Tuesday.

Well I've just phoned Prof Lodge's Secretary , (thanks for posting those details , Jules) .

She said they'll need a letter of referral , so I asked if consultants tend to take umbrage at this , and she ummed and arred for a while before saying yes !

Obviously my health comes first , but at the same time I'm reluctant to burn any bridges with my present team at the Marsden.

Anyone experienced this ?



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Ukmember , hi , I believe "peripheral" refers to the fact that the tumour has manifested itself in the liver as opposed to the bile duct.

I don't think I've been "staged" as such . I have no symptoms as yet , though I believe the tumour is large comparison , so presuably long standing.

I a currently at the Marsden in Sutton , under Professor Cunningham's team.

Jules , I have read your experiences and already intended to look up Peter Lodge. I don't know how it works , can he just ask my current consultant for the latest scans etc.?

I am on tthe "ABC02" trial which compares Gem only against the benefits of Gem + Cisplatin. Unfortunately I drew just the Gem


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Hello all. Jon from the Uk (London) "peripheral" CC is my diagnosis , though that  doesn't seem so rare on this site , ( tumour in liver ). I was discovered by accident and as yet have no symptoms. Can anyone say what that means ? Is it tumour size or length of time that gives the problem ? I have been told that it's incurable , although links on this site suggest there is always hope surgery-wise.

I was only diagnosed this March , and am having trouble differentiating between what feelings I have are treatment related (Gemcitabine ) or symptom related.

I recall a consultant from 3 months back saying that if they hadn't discovered it then  , that I would have symptoms now , but who knows ?

For the record , I,m 3 months into chemo ( 6 month course ) and the latest scan shows a "stable" tumour ,( NO , SHRINK YOU B**G*R).

Words of encouragement gratefully accepted big_smile