It brings me deep sadness to inform my father has passed away, as a result to this terrible illness. On 01/26/08 at sunset, my father left in body and stays in spirit. It was so amazing how he waited for the sunset and everyone in the family was there to witness his last breath. I miss him dearly everyday and he will continue to stay close to my heart. As for a lot of people on here who have either experienced this themselves or family, my dad was very young at age 60. He did enjoy life to its fullest and cherished every moment of it. He was able to spend a long vacation in Eurpoe with my mom, just recently in July. He was a well loved, infectious person that created many friends in the community and contributed to his success as a person, both professionally and personally.

My heart goes out for everyone on here and their family.

Love and prayers,


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You make good points about early dectection. Which also brings up another point about how long it takes to develop? It just seemed to happen so fast with my dad. Going from a complete physical and everything checking out okay, to two months later being diagnosed as terminally ill?! A lot to take in when you are looking at a 60 year old healthy man. Or even some of the other people on here even younger!

Hey Jeff,
I really hope you enjoy yourself with the family while you are in Hawaii. We were supposed to go to Maui a month after we found out about my dad's diagnosis. Unfortunately, he has not been well enough to go. I would love to hear all about it, you are going to have a wonderful time and you deserve it.

Take care,


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Thanks again for your kind words, I am fortunate to have found this website! My dad had a pretty good last couple of days and was very inspired after speaking to a friend of his who battled lukemia. He has been talking more than usual and his spirit has increased.   

As far as hospice goes, we made the decision based upon not having to make continual trips to the emergency room and waiting for hours. The hospice has actually been more helpful and caring than the hospital nurses. They are willing to work with whatever treatments we want to provide for my dad. Personally, I have had nothing but good experiences so far with the hospice. Most people I have talked to reagarding this matter have felt the same way.

I understand how you feel about not being alone and it is comforting to know someone can understand what we are experiencing.

Take care everyone,
My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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Hello Jeff, Karen and Candee,

I admire you a lot from your courage, strength and faith! I have read several of your posts and they are very encouraging!

As far as my dad's treatments, they are saying it is too far for chemo and radiation or that it would not do any good at this point. We just found out the middle of November (right around my daughter's birthday and the anniversary of my sister's death). He had been complaining about stomach problems, went into the doctor for the first time and they told him to take some gas medicine. Just at the beginning of October he had a complete physical and everything appeared to be fine. I guess this is why the doctor did not initially look further into his complaints. Then he was jaundice, so we forced him to the hospital. After a week in the hospital and hopes of first gall bladder problems, to the news worsening to his cancer. At one point in time they were talking about the whipple, but shrunk our hopes when they said it has spread to his bone marrow.

He did go out to California to alternative therapy for 3 weeks and has been working on building the immune system. We decided last week to put him at in home hospice. Since we had to take him to the hospital for throwing up blood and waiting in the emergency room is not fun. He was having some breathing problems and they brought out oxygen. 

I feel horrible for him and cannot believe this is happening to my family. We are all still hurting from the death of my sister 2 years ago.

I understand your pain, I am sorry for what you are going through!

Thank you ALL for listening and nice to meet you. Hope to have more conversations in the future!



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My name is Tiffany and I am dealing with my dad's recent diagnosis of CC. I have been reading the posts since his diagnosis and decided to join. From what I read, everyone on this website is extremely sincere and caring. One positive behind this whole tragedy is that I can see the tremendous support groups from organizations as such, which I can be thankful for.

I pray for everyone on here!