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Kris, great news, congratulations. I like that you are on your time. My Grandson in Milwaukee works for a bank but has started doing this on the side. I think it is really (driving) taking off. I used to come up with good ideas but never carried through. I just had an idea this week for "fancy" Pampers. Told Robin and she went nuts and then I googled it and Victoria Secrets beat me to the punch! Always a dollar short and a dollar late. When I was single and used to hang at a bar/restaurant 1 block from my apartment in downtown Milwaukee I put together a book called, "How To Cut The Bait". Lines in bars that girls get and the answer they should give. Had enough of a collection for 200 pages. Never did anything with it and 6 months later on  Johnny Carson were 2 guys who did the same thing and sold a million copies. Oh me. Good luck and for an extra thrill they could book a ride on your Cycle!!!!

Dear Serena, I am so sorry to read what your Mom has gone through. Surgery is still the best option. My husband had tubes after his Whipple and an e coli infection. In fact we were visiting in Milwaukee and our 2 week vacation turned into almost 3 months! On the way back to Phoenix the tubes blew out on the plane...what a mess that was. Have you tried to give Mom some Nutritional drinks? Teddy liked the Instant Carnation Breakfast best especially the vanilla, and I would blend in a banana.  This can be given anytime and can replace a meal or be given with a meal. Give her very small portions as the eating habits have changed until she heals. Nothing fried or spicy. I would make a scrambled egg and toss in some shredded cheese. Homemade chicken soup and comfort foods like pudding, jello, buttered noodles etc.  We suggest instead of big meals to let her graze on things all day like snacking. I sure hope she will start to feel better soon and remember she went through a huge major surgery. Be strong and you are NOT alone.

Dear Serena, WELCOME to the best place to be for CC support! YIPPEE on your Mom's surgery as surgery is our most favorite word. Did she have a Whipple? Where is Mom being treated? You are right, our CC Site is one of a kind as we are one big supportive family here. Has her ONC suggested any kind of after surgery treatment? I am wishing for a calm and gentle recovery. Again this deserves a huge YIPPEE!

Great. I live in Gilbert which is next to Chandler.

Oh, Julie, I LOVE your post!!!!!  Where in AZ do your friends and family live????

Gavin, very cute but I don't see you in the crowd.

Duke, of course sheep can leap. All these years when I count sheep as I am trying to fall a sleep they are leaping big time! (You knew I had to say something)


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Ha, Ha on all accounts. Yes I have known a couple........hated to say goodbye to them!!  Just kidding. They say it is not for the faint of heart but that it is great. We took a steam engine train from Williams to Grand Canyon and returned to Williams  same day. Don't get to see as much but it was a blast. We heard how the mules are trained. Since, of course they have to be sure footed on a narrow path.....they are blindfolded and late at night taken on the route. Of course we have never heard of a shortage of mules yet. If you go to the GC you really should go see Sedona a very mystical, magic and beautiful place. Small, touristy but worth the trip. And of course you should end up here in Phoenix!!!! Yes, it is very cool in the winter at the Canyon, need coats. What are those? Honestly a few helicopters sightseeing from Vegas have gone down over the Canyon, I think 2 or 3 in the last 10 years. Must have been all the money they won in Vegas weighing down the copter. So start planning!


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To My Dear Dukester, I see nothing creepy or mystical about your post, I see promise and hope and a great attitude. BTW I often capitalize words when I am stressing a point. Congratulations on your mentally joining the living as you know "life is for the living".
I am so glad that you and Aimee made that trek and after all these years tell Aimee I am glad you are finally listening to her!!!  LOL  Another BTW, Teddy told me that you have a long way to go yet as he was barraged with visitors at his Sicilian Restaurant and has no room right now! He can't even keep enough food on hand to send take out/delivery! HA< and you thought the storks only delivered babies. With that I hope I gave you a giggle. Keep on keeping the good thoughts, dear friend.


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Oh. Olga I am so very sorry about another stroke. I hope the RV trip can take place but just in case is there anywhere you can RV it really close to home? I hope the hiccups leave quickly as they can just drain a person. Teddy had them for 3 solid months and nothing helped but Brioski. And it helped on the very first dose. So he used the rest of it if he had an upset stomach. Please let us know how Norbert is doing and if you will be RVing.


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Oh my gosh, Olga. Have you tried Walgreens and CVS? It is terrific and I don't understand why they discontinued it. It is cheap enough and will not hurt him as we kept a bottle forever. Have not heard of the other one. I just googled it and I would feel safe ordering BRIOSKI from Amazon. One other idea would be to see if you have any Italian Markets in your city.  It works where nothing else seems too. Best of luck.

Great news, Julie. Last Round sounds like a good title for a song. I am crossing everything I can to wish you a successful Last Round. And from your mouth to God's ears may it also be the last chemo you will ever have!


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I proudly agree with everything said and honored to have the most loving, caring and smartest people in the world come together right here I also want to add they are the most eloquent! What a family we have!

Dear Kevin, I also am extremely sorry to read about your Dad.  Please accept my sincere condolences and know that in time a ton of good memories will replace the bad ones.

Those we love must someday pass beyond our present sight…
They leave us and the world we know without their radiant light.
But we know that like a candle their lovely light will shine
To brighten up another place more perfect…more divine.
And in the realm of Heaven where they shine so warm and bright,
Our loved ones live forevermore in God’s eternal light.

Julie, BRAVO! I am so proud of you for going, telling us and bringing this out in the open. Perhaps it will encourage others to take the same step. It takes a special person to take the bull by the horns and get things done for ones self. Hope you are doing much better physically and I just feel you are someone to really look up to, especially for our newbies.  Now, go bake a cake!!!  Love you.

Dear Valwong, I am so sorry to hear that your Dad is not doing well. You must be very strong to get through this journey that nobody wanted to take. Thank you for the good ideas you presented and I am sure they will be looked in to. Please keep in touch with us about your Dad and wishing you and your family the best.


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If it was me I would definitely go to either of the other hospitals you mentioned for a 2nd opinion. One cannot take this CC serious enough as it is definitely a demon with a mind of it's own. My husband had bile duct stents and they never hindered his MRIs. Mmmmmm. Best of luck.


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Kathy and Julie, I just took a peek and I totally agree with Julie. There are a lot of good information sites listed but it does not give you what our site does. We give real medical information and peoples journeys all in a warm and caring atmosphere. I don't think the 2 sites are familiar at all. When a new patient/caregiver comes to our sight there are real stories, ways to battle this monster and also hope and miracles.  It is a vast difference. Perhaps every now and then an invitation could be posted to visit our site for CC Support.

Dear Melinda, YIPPEE for John's great news! I am so happy for you both and your party sounds like a perfect way to celebrate! I have had this shadow thing too for surgery I had and believe me I want to add the word shadow to my favorite words like stable! I am wishing for you to celebrate Thanksgiving as well!!! Thanks for letting us know and it appears you went to the right place for John's treatment! All good news deserves another YIPPEE!


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Dear First Born, welcome to the best place to be for CC support. DEFINATELY go for that 2nd opinion. We have found that 2nd opinions are so valuable. Be sure to choose a hospital and ONC that are very familiar with CC as there are still many who don't know what CC is or have not treated it.  The CC problem is that it is hard to diagnose as there are no early signs that anything is wrong. I hope your MRI today makes things more clear but regardless I would go for that next opinion. Best of luck to you and please keep us posted as we truly care.

Julie, how are you feeling today? I hope you are doing better. It's enough to deal with CC and maybe a side effect or 2 but you have really been hit. Like others have said you ARE strong but don't let all these things continue without contacting your ONC. Thinking about you!

Julie I wish I could tell you something to make you feel better but honestly, girl, I have never heard of chills coming every day at the same time. That just would not be right and wondering if you have called the ONC about it. Also have you tried using a heating pad? Another suggestion is put your blankie in the dryer just before chilling time and it will be nice and warm. If all that fails come out here and at 4PM I will set you outside! Hope you find some answers.

Dear Caroline, welcome to the best place to be for CC support! I am so very sorry about your Dad but don't feel time has run out as this is a very tricky Cancer, some times it seems it has a mind of it's own. Hopefully after the bile ducts clear again and the antibiotic is working Dad's team will come up with a treatment plan. I know it is very scary right now but it sounds like they are following the route just as our Doctors do here. First thing is to take care of the stents and fluid. I promise you that when Dad is feeling better and a treatment plan is in place your fright will turn to fight. Hang in and BE STRONG you are not alone, we are all here for you!


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Dear Percy, I think of you every day and miss your valuable advice but I pray you are comfortable and though you are not up to posting perhaps once in a while you take a peek here. Bless you and your family. Saying prayers and sending a ton of love!


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Dear Borelandn, Welcome to the best place to be for CC support! I am sorry to hear about Anne  and I whole heartedly agree with Darla. I would immediately get another opinion. IF this Doctor has dealt with CC before you certainly should have been helped more than you were. We have quite a few members in the UK and I am hoping they chime in here. Surgery is the only known cure for CC. With the Stage Anne is at and the fact she can have surgery, this Doctor should have been more positive. You need an aggressive Doctor who knows about CC. Please keep us in the loop as we truly care.


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Hello, Moontje, wishing you and Tom all the very best in Belgium and hoping for good news! You know we can't wait to hear what is happening! Safe Travel!