Genevieve, great news from across the waters. Your husband is a real warrior and now deserves only good news. I think he also deserves a big YIPPEE! You both obviously have great attitudes and just keep on keeping on! Tell him how happy we are for you both and please keep us updated on his progress. Let's give him one more YIPPEE!

P.S. My husband also had incisional hernias and they just left them alone as they felt he had been through enough. It looked like he had swallowed his golf balls!

Genevieve, great news from across the waters. Your husband is a real warrior and now deserves only good news. I think he also deserves a big YIPPEE! You both obviously have great attitudes and just keep on keeping on! Tell him how happy we are for you both and please keep us updated on his progress. Let's give him one more YIPPEE!


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Hi Caroline, I just answered your other post and saw this one....right up my alley! From what I understand to dream of someone sick/injured usually means you are not having a visitation dream. You will likely see them as they appeared in normal every day life. When they make a visitation it is always a good dream and very life like. I am going to make an uneducated guess on this so here goes. Teddy has only made happy visits to me and I really believe that your Mom is appearing ill because that is how you still see her. Does that make sense to you? You have not really let the good memories over take the bad yet. It will happen and when it does I believe your dreams about her will change for the better. You might even talk to her about it at night before you go to sleep. Sound weird? Not if you are a believer. As for the hymn that goes through your head? Know that is your Mom sending the hymn to you. See she is still round you!
One day I was dusting and I have a huge picture of Teddy on a hallway wall. I was wiping it and I looked him in the eyes and told him I missed him and that I loved him so much. I turned and walked 3 feet away and in to my head came our song "When I Fall In Love". It wouldn't stop and I was compelled to sing it out loud. Went in to the dining room and decided I sang enough and tried to stop but could not. I HAD to sing the whole song. Perhaps when you hear the hymn you should sing it as that is how Mom is staying in touch with you.
Did I ever send you the list of how to know your loved one is around you/what to look for?
I would be curious to hear what happens if you talk to her before you fall asleep. It may take a few nights. Feel free to come here as you will always be a family member.

Aw, thanks! Missed you too, Caroline. The great thing about the computer is you all can't see when I am not smiling. Sometimes I just have to give the old face a break! Hope things are going well for you and its always good to see you.


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Dear Sammie, I am so sorry about your Dad but you have come to the right place for CC support and I also agree with Duke and will add a big AMEN to what he told you.  It is good that you are  open as Dad does not have to feel he has to hide what he is thinking. My husband and I used to talk and talk about the CC, treatments and future plans. We laughed a lot! It's true that attitude is everything. We are big believers here in 2nd opinions and we do have members from the UK with lots of experience. I am glad you have been so open with the girls and the only suggestion I can give at this point is let them be a help in taking care of Granddad. Please keep us posted on how Dad is doing as we really care.

Ah, Brenda you are so very sweet. Some might say I am crazy but I always try to be up even in bad times and Teddy was the same. Some may not think this funny but if T came upon a sales person or bad wait staff he would simply say, "I'm sorry you are having a bad day".  He really felt they did not realize how they were coming across. He just didn't like rudeness. Anyway I digressed here but I am just so very happy for you.  I must say I think you will be having some extremely good holidays this year!

Oh, I get it now. Everyone here likes to be in CTRL!!!!!!!!!  lol

Hi Brenda and Kenny and than you for this wonderful news! Kenny sure deserves a well earned YIPPEE! I am wishing for you both to have much continued progress. This also gives others HOPE and I am astounded that he reaped his own harvest in such a short time.  YIPPEE!


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Laura you are on the right track as knowledge is our best too to fight with. We have a Search engine at the top and if you type in any word up will come posts on that subject. Also here are some important links for you to peruse. We do know exactly how you feel. Once you are healed and begin a treatment plan I promise you the fright will turn to fight. … diagnosed/
Free complimentary Book or e-mail download: … resources/
Biliary drainage – stent information card … tion-card/
Register for a CURE
The International Cholangiocarcinoma Registry … -registry/


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Dear Laura, welcome to our family where you will find the best support for CC. It may be too soon to realize this but you got the best treatment by having surgery. So, you get a big YIPPEE from me to you. I also want to say what a fabulous surgeon you had in that he realized he could not handle this surgery and sent you to someone who could. It is a long recovery but take each day at a time and one day you will wake up and say, I really feel good today. I am glad you are trying to be "up" as attitude means everything in healing and going onward. BTW October 1 is my anniversary date for a cancer surgery and this is 5 years so I believe OCT 1 is a winning date. Thank you for the nice things you said about our members they are fantastic. Yes, that is life, the good, the bad, the ugly and we even throw in a bunch of jokes here and there. Laughing is good. Please keep us updated on your progress as we truly care! Again YIPPEE!

Catherine, sorry about that, I just assumed. Sometimes I think a picture of a Mom could just as well be her daughter. My Daughter's EX used to joke that when Robin and I were together he always felt like he was standing in a stereo!

Gavin and Duke, this dummo sitting at my computer actually figured the minus sign herself but thanks for the help. What a difference that Plus sign can make.

Gavin you never answered me about the Packers this year. Are you still for the Bears? Did you see that picture of a Bear friend of Aaron Rodgers? He is standing with Aaron for a pic and he tells the press that the Bears are getting a new quarterback!!!!!!!!!!!  Cute.

Hi, Nancy and thanks a ton. You are all the very best, I can feel the love! While we don't hope for anyone to have to join this Board we sure have the very best in the World right here!

Marion you are a genius, I never knew that about control + and it really works great! Thanks.

Thank you Catherine and may I see it is good so see you almost in person. Love the Avatar.

Hi, my Randi, girl! Thanks so much. Hope everything is well at your end needs a lot more healing. Sorry, couldn't resist that. But we plug along.  OMG I am using all the wrong words here!!!! Good to see your smiling face!

Thanks, Melinda. Going to celebrate at dinner tonight with my daughter, Robin and 2 of my Grandkids. Hope things are going well in your part of the world!

Dear Michelle, welcome to the best place to be for CC support. May I ask where you are being treated? It is very important to be at a hospital/ONC who has treated CC before. The other very important thing to know is that knowledge is our best tool for fighting CC. If there is something you wish to know right away we have a Search engine at the top of the page and just type in a word and previous posts will appear about that subject.  Do not worry about your Stage as we have had many members who were DX at stage IV, had chemo and were able to have surgery. Remember that attitude is everything and once you see that the chemo is working or even a different treatment plan, your fright will turn to fight. We are here for you, so please keep us updated as we truly care.

Thanks Darla and Cillie. My GP keeps telling me my LABs are perfect and I am doing excellent for my age. It's the darn Remicade that is jinxing me. I see the GI on Halloween and I may try something else  as it is now attacking my joints. Painful! And I was never one to hang around joints!
HEY! Duke, how did you know about my dancing??? When I was a teen, oh about 14, American Bandstand was all the rage and in Kansas City, MO where I was born and raised, I was on the local Bandstand show. Poodle skirt and all. But, Teddy was the real dancer. Not so good at slow music but boy could he Disco. That little guy was all over the floor like the Penguin in Happy Feet. One night he did the splits in the end of Mac the Knife and I almost lost it! Good thing he already had his kids.


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That was beautiful and it certainly describes our Percy. I am so very proud to have called him friend. His wisdom and his kindness touched us all.  Thanks for the posting, Marion and thanks for representing us all, Stella. I know it could not have been an easy thing to do.  We miss him but will never forget.

Duke, actually the 5 years has been easy as there is no chemo/treatments for the GIST. Nothing. If it returns it must be removed then a chemo pill is given called Gleevac. UGH! It's supposed to be horrible. I am perfectly healthy except for the colitis. That has kept my mind off the cancer.  I figured that G-d was not going to give me more to fight. What I cannot figure out is if G-d and Teddy are keeping the cancer away.....and T is helping the Packers this year....why the heck can they not cure the colitis! I want my life back! But, then I hear things that make me grateful for what I have. Like I say, I am truly blessed.

Thanks Susie. Now if they can just fix my other parts I will be like a new woman. I tell you all that positive thinking does work. I also put forth a positive effort not to stress about anything. It works.
Hope everything I good at your corner of this world.

Julie, my friend, I kind of felt it was not back but it's always good to hear it. Maybe I can go to yearly scans now. Hope you are having a great time.

May I give myself a big yippee?
Quite a few of you know I have had my own rare cancer and wanted to give you an update as it has been a while.
In Teddy’s last year with CC it was discovered that I had a rare cancer called a GIST in the stomach. It reacts somewhat like CC as you don’t know you have it until your husband asks if you are carrying twins. Asked in the nicest of ways. I went to the GI and saw his face change when he pressed on my stomach. I always tell him now to look the other way.  He ordered a PET and it lit up like Paris at night. My surgeon said I needed surgery immediately but wanted a colonoscopy first. Wow, what a major call that was. Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor that’s another thing in common with CC, hard to pronounce.  The Gist was the size of a small cantaloupe and on my right side was a benign tumor on the intestine and they had to remove a foot of intestine. October 1st was my 5 year anniversary cancer free and I had a CT Scan last week and I am totally cancer FREE! I never worried about it as I was too busy worrying about Teddy. Still not worried even though like CC it can return. I have had CT scans every 6 months for 5 years. Now I light up like Paris. But, I am very Blessed.

Gavin, my son from another mother, just have to say...what about the PACKERS!!!!!!!!!!! Now, that's what I'm talking about!!! They made little kittens out of the Panthers.


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Hi Dukster, I have been posting since this morning. So I think Rick has us in good shape again. Thanks Rick.

Hi, Malcom, so good to see your smiling face on here and more than that so great to hear your good report! Five years is nothing to sneeze at! Thank you for checking in with us and glad you had such an amazing trip. Keep up the good work and we look forward to hearing from you again. YIPPEE on your November Anniversary!