Gavin and Lorraine....just thinking here, might be a bad sign....:):)  Does the Edinburgh have an ER department? I would think so. What would happen if Lorraine took her brother to the ER there and  then they might admit him? Well, I guess a referral is still needed. Frustration, frustration!!
I would definitely for to that office and speak to the office manager!

Dear Connie, I try so hard not to be negative on here but I have to say, what you are going through should NOT be happening and it sounds like your DOCs have given up! This is not acceptable and if you do not hear ASAP from NY Presb. I would immediately seek another hospital/doctor as there are many good ones not too far from you. My husband had many external tubes and they never leaked. Most important he also had many stents and once the stent is inserted the billie starts to clear up right away. That is if the stents were placed properly. PLEASE seek another opinion because what ever they are not doing is leading to more bad news! Sorry but I cannot be hush, hush about your situation. Have you been seeing a GI instead of an ONC? I am so wishing you the very best and hope everything starts turning around for you.

From one Elaine to another......YIPPEE! I love waking up to this fabulous news. Yes, you are so right that we LOVE the word surgery! You have a great attitude and lots of hope and that wins every time. Much good luck on your Monday Scans!

Oh, Dear Brenda, it is so good to hear from you and I LOVE the good news!!! Kenny is a great poster 'boy' for CC with all the hope he gives others with his successful surgery. Yes, Spring is a time of hope and new beginnings.


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Liz, this is AWESOME and another great story on Hope and not giving up! I will be sending good vibes, thoughts and of course prayers for a successful surgery and looking forward to a great post after April 9th! You couldn't be in better hands. YEA!


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Dear Lorraine, we all understand the frustration and you are right in feeling upset. I get upset if a Doctor's assistant is lazy in calling in a RX refill. Is this Doctor's office, who needs to send the referral, near you at all so that you could go in there and talk to an office manager? Not sure how the system works there but that would be great if another Doctor could get the referral moving! GRR, as if patients and caregivers don't have enough to worry about! I sincerely hope your next post tells us that the referral is on the way!!!!


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Dear Balwas, I am so very sorry to hear all this. It IS ultimately her decision. It is the toughest decision one ever has to make. When my husband was told he had 5-6 months after 5 years of treatment he spent a few days really thinking about palliative chemo and decided no, he was 78. We spent a wonderful 5 months and he really got his house in order, saw the kids and did it his way. He called it our honeymoon.
I don't know if you and your wife have talked openly about it all but what ever she decides comfort is of the utmost importance. There are meds for everything today and especially the nausea. Have you discussed Hospice at all? They are really helpful, will keep her comfortable and give you the time to just be together.
I am curious if you ever got a second opinion.
It really helps to talk about everything as the more things are talked about the less frightening it is.  As the time get closer, if you wish, I have a list of the 10 signs the end is near.  Teddy followed it pretty closely. If you just email me from the forum I will send it to you. I would say I started to see signs about 3 weeks out. Please keep in mind comfort is the top priority and perhaps it might be good to talk to a social worker from the hospital or a clergy. This is tough but attitude and strength will really help. If you click on my name to the left, Lainy, it will take you to the email. I will be thinking of you both.


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Yea! Fred, we so love the word surgery! Will be sending prayers, a ton of love and looking for a successful grand opening!

How wonderful and congratulations to Dr. Man. There is always HOPE!

Dear Lola, I think Debbie said it perfectly. When Teddy and I reached this point her opted for no chemo and the ONC was spot on with his timing. We were much older and there was nothing going on that would make us make a decision like yours. As said already, any decision will be the right one. I can only wish your Mom a comfortable journey and strength to all of you.


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Dear Debbie, so glad to hear about your husband's successful surgery. You are so right about attitude, it is one of the most important attributes a person can have. My daughter always says that Teddy taught the 4 kids so many life  lessons and attitude was probably the biggest. I am wishing for your husband's good recuperation to continue and the very best for all of you.


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WAY TO GO SHERRI! I am so very proud of you, you are a very fast learner and you WILL beat this monster CC! I am also very jealous that you will get to meet Matt. He sounds terrific! Like I said, there is nothing like meeting someone from our fabulous family and I am sure you will be good friends and walk away even feeling better than you do which BTW is great. The way you took hold and are advocating for YOU is phenomenal. Another good story on why other opinions are so important. I can't wait now to hear the rest of the story! Girl, you are not lost anymore!!!!

DMiller, honestly I can see why you are questioning and I am wondering if your ONC has treated this before. My best answer would be to get another opinion right away. I am wondering how much CC this ONC has treated. I would make some inquiries and make sure your ONC and the hospital you go to are experienced with this Cancer. When a Doctor of any kind does not know what something means......time to go to another. Are there any large hospitals near you? That would be a good place to start looking. I know others will come along with some ideas for you.


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Bummer, but if everything else is good to go let's hope those platelets rise to the occasion!!!


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Cuz, at least that is all done and I am also crossing everything (not easy for a Jewish girl) that you are accepted. They would have to be very foolish NOT to accept our Dukster!


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Matt, what a beautiful family! I thought you were the oldest kid in the picture! I love that we can put faces to the families!


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Thanks, Matt, you know I love waking up to these amazing posts! You remind me of the little engine that could and just keep on chugging up that hill!

Just have to love a guy like that, compassionate!

I have to tell you all something here as it runs in the same league.  Waiting to hear from a Colon Surgeon and will then tell you more BUT this is what my Gastro said to me a few days ago, I had done my research and we both came up with the same Surgeon then Dr. M. said, "You will go for a consultation and if for any reason you are not comfortable, I have another great office you can go to as well." Helps so much to have a compassionate Doctor. And yes, I am excited!!


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I would ask the Surgeon. I remember before Teddy's Whipple the Surgeon sat with us and drew a sketch of what was going to take place. I asked him to sign it so I could frame it! Of course I was only joking but it brought all a good laugh. You might Google the name of the surgery and see if any pictures pop up. I am sure the Surgeon has 'something' on it.


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Oh, Fred, what outstanding news to wake up to this morning! We LOVE the word surgery! The only hint I can give you is, I had another type of cancer removed from my colon 6 years ago and on the table just before they put me to sleep I asked for an Epidural and they said sure. This froze the whole abdominal area for almost 2 days. I always suggest it and would do it again. And, the longer the surgery takes do not get upset as that means things are a good go and this surgery does take hours. Like Pat said your son has youth on his side. These surgeries are big but not life threatening like the heart. I am so excited for your son and family!  Prayers, good thoughts and vibes headed your way.


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Dear Balwas, stents can slip and sometimes need to be checked if there is pain. If they are not metal stents then they also need to be exchanged every 6 weeks to 3 months. I would certainly call the ONC and let him know because normally stents do not cause a problem unless put in wrong or like I said slipping. You are a good advocate and we try so hard to keep pain at a minimum, preferably no pain at  all, Wishing you the best on this but do call the ONC. My husband had external tubes from the bile duct for a few years and we never had a problem. Just lucky, I know.


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Dear Sherri, welcome to our elite family and the best place to be for CC support. I am sorry that the chemo so far has not worked. May I ask where you are being treated?  I would try to meet up with or at least talk to Matt. He has been around the to speak. Sorry Matt, I mean around the block in a good way! First of all there is no better feeling than to meet another CC family member and I feel he can steer you in the right places. He has been there and done it. We don't give up hope here as there are many choices now that were not here before and he have had quite a few members come in at Stage IV, told they could not be helped and are here today. Yes, it is a very scary monster and the more involved you can become as your own advocate the better it is as knowledge is our best tool. MDA Houston is great and there are also some great places I believe closer to you. Stay strong and smile as a great attitude helps immensely. Please keep us posted on your progress and know that we truly care. I hope you and Matt can meet!


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Hi, Cousin, Duke! Wanted to wish you the best of luck on Mondays visit for pre exam for that long number! We are definitely a world of numbers. I LOVE Spring, a time for new beginnings.

Gavin, many thanks for a beautiful Eclipse, perhaps we will all see the one in 2090!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I will settle for 2026.