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Darla, about once a year I will eat 1 ear of corn KNOWING what the next day will bring. The devil makes me do it!!


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Julie, We always talk about food here that is why it is a "Café". I LOVE, LOVE corn but cannot eat it anymore, so have some nibbles for me!


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Dear Julie, I only know some of Teddy's Sicilian words but cannot use them here. Oh, there is a phrase, "take that CC and make it swim with the fish!". I sure hope you start feeling better and remember you are the little engine that could! You are almost there. I would put on a cheerleader outfit and cheer for you but that might make everyone feel worse!!!


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Dear Sam, so very sorry to read about your wife but you have come to the best place to be for CC. Like Kris said it is so important to get 2nd and even 3rd opinions, it will not or should not upset the ONC as we know so little about CC yet. Also read up as much as you can. If you go to our Search engine at the top of the page, everything we have on trials will appear. Lastly but very paramount is attitude. A great attitude is everything. Please let us know how things go and keep us updated as we truly care.

Hi Midsis, you are certainly invited and welcome to vent we all need to do that. I used to get in the car and put the CD Mama Mia in and sing as loud as I could and drive around for about 20 minutes, Never got arrested or a record contract! But went back home feeling good. Even go take a walk and sing to yourself. A change of pace will do you wonders. And when alone if you need to swear go right ahead, we are not robots! WELL, 2 OF MY GRANDKIDS ARE COMING NOW TO PICK ME UP FOR DINNER. They want to take me to dinner as if I am going to let them pay! NOT.  This is what life is all about Grandkids! Want to vent write me anytime.


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Julie, just an FYI. My first DOC who put me on Metformin could not understand it but I was allergic to Metformin and it made me very ill and that is why I am on insulin. Really had nothing to do with my cancer just the way it is. Best of luck on it.

Sara, I am sorry and relieved that the vigil is over. I am so glad the Priest had come and I think that is what Nicole was waiting for. I know it seems like an awful nightmare right now but in time the good memories will take over the journey you all went through. Please accept my sincere sympathies and as I say, down the road when you are ready you will understand how all the good memories really take over the bad. Love to you and your family.

Welcome, Jane and while I am not versed in Chemo (my husband did not have Chemo) I want to welcome you to the best place you could be for CC. I know it is late here on Friday night  so most are either sleeping or out on dates! But I also know you will be hearing from others very soon. The best I can tell you is to read as much as you can find as knowledge is the most powerful tool we have to fight with. The other is to try and get a 2nd and even 3rd opinion as more opinions are highly valuable and have given many in our family HOPE. Wishing you the very best with your Mother and please do keep us updated as we truly care.

YIPPEE Kris news doesn't get any better than this! Girl, you post anything anytime you want....I do!
We love to hear good news from our CC Family so keep it coming! YIPPEE!

Sara, please remember you do not have to wait for intervals of her waking up to say I love you as she will hear you, she can still hear. I am sure others will not agree with this but I think it is wonderful the way her son is involved even at his age as I believe he will accept the end so much better and will always know that he helped his Mom. To me that is beautiful. When T passed there was only Robin and Me as his kids were all out of town and had already come for their final visits. But I also did not want visitors at the end because he felt he would have to be at his best and that just could not be. It would be using energy he just did not have. I still believe Nicole is hanging in there perhaps for the Priest tonight. We are all with you in spirit so it is not an empty room it is jam packed! Sending my love!

My Dear Sara, My Friend, I am so sorry to read about Nicole but as usual feel she fought long and hard and deserves her Peace. You already know my feelings but know that I am right beside you in spirit. Nicole may just be waiting for the Priest. You are a wonderful Sister and I know from experience that sometimes siblings paths take different directions but the love is still there. I hope for a comfortable passage and strength for all those at the end of her Journey.

YIPPEE for a beautiful story! No sour notes here!


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Dear Moontje, I can't help with chemo but want to say how important that 2nd opinion can be. I know others will come forward about the chemo but wishing Tom the very best!!

Thanks for mentioning it. I am doing fairly better. The Remicade I think could work better, we shall see. I have an apt with the GI on August 5th and I want to talk to him about a new FDA approved RX called entyvio.  We did talk about it last time but he wanted me to continue the Remicade. We upped the dosage but its not that much better. One more thing I want to present to him is...there is a new procedure now for Ulcerative Colitis and no delicate way to put this..... it is called a Poo Transplant. That says it all and my daughter is willing. I just think 3 years of being dictated by my innards is long enough!! BUT I am so very happy for you!!! And its so good to see your smiling face on here.


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Ha, Ha, I can't wait to hear how you answer yourself.  I have said for many years IF ONLY the world got along like we do on this site what a blessing that would be. We are as diversified as it gets and all we show here is love and caring. Yes, what a wonderful world it would be!


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Gavin I think most everyone here knows by now that you are my son by another Mum! Well son, I just got you a brother by another Mother! You know him as Emad and he is your age but you are not twins. We talked today for a couple of hours and sorry no cuppa (tea) but we had a wonderful blether (talk)! Really I just wanted to say what a wonderful son he is to his family just like you! I am so lucky to be picking up more family, never can have enough.

HAPPY,   HAPPY Anniversary! What great news I am doing cart wheels, well in my mind! YIPPEE so happy for you and wish for the good scans to keep coming. Time to celebrate!!!


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Dear Olga, Good News as I think just being home has its own way of helping anyone as we all know there is no place like home! I think some short road trips sound really nice and just make sure you have everything that Norbert may need along with his ONC phone number just in case.
You have the right idea in that if it is a short time or a long time ahead of you, live it up as much as he can. Life is for the living!


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Oh, Julie, thank you so much!!!!! I happen to have Argo Corn Starch in the pantry. Great idea!


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Dear Jetcm, I love the way Dr. Catenacci thinks. We have heard only the best about him and it is important to feel you are with such an outstanding ONC. I like that he let you know he is willing to help you by writing letters. That is how my husbands ONC was and he was rated the top ONC in Phoenix for many years. Thanks for that information too.

Dear Jetcm, what wonderful news to wakeup to out West! You know how much we love shrinkage and stable! Keep up the good work and we look forward to  more great reports. THank you so much for letting us know and wishing you the very best.


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Ain't that the truth? My higher Glucose I know is from the Prednisone. Can't worry about it or between that and the Colitis I would not eat!!!  I make dinner on Sundays now for my kids and my son Phil who is 53 seems to have met a someone from a dating site so he is bringing her for the 1st time and Robin and I will get to meet her. She is on a dairy and gluten free diet so I decided  to make a turkey breast, cucumber salad, cole slaw, and individual packets of potatoes seasoned and wrapped in foil for the grill. Have no idea what to do for dessert. Maybe just a fruit salad. Do you know if turkey gravy is gluten free if I don't put four in it? EEW, turkey without gravy would be criminal!

Julie, if it rained here I swear I would go out and do my own rain dance. Good luck with the chemo.  When it rains it never covers the whole city and where I live it is South and we hardly ever get rain.

Hi Everyone. Lunch was great and I loved the Pasta sauce it had a kick to it. Dave was extremely nice and sweet and cute. His wife passed just 9 months ago and they had no children and she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and passed a week later. He is still grieving but really trying hard. He goes to a grief group at Mayo here, so we shall see. He is virtually alone. We had a lot of similarities but I left the ball in his court. At least it was a very good experience. And that is my report. Gavin, my foodie, since I had Italian for lunch and am still dressed up with make up and all going to do Chinese tonight. Its only 108o here today!

Happy Birthday to my Friend and Mentor! My goodness you are right near Robin as hers is the 26th. Wishing you all the very best on this years trip around the sun and you know I love you so very much, you have helped me in so many ways and I love to make you laugh in return! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!! Hugs and love and have a great day!