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Julie, both are correct. There is an old saying that if 12 Rabbis were at a table and asked a question each one would have a different answer. I was raised Reform and when I married Brand Ex changed to Conservative. My whole life I have spelled it Chanukah. The ultra Orthodox and the Hasidic even spell it both ways.  No set rule as long as you light a candle for 8 nights and get a gift each night! lol Joking about the gift each night. My Robin is decorating up a storm like I used to do. I remember when my son, Phillip was about 5. He couldn't understand why the stores only had Christmas trees and nothing for Chanukah. Things have sure changed. Also remember when we were getting an influx of Russian Jews here and we adopted a Russian family, the parents and a teen son. I had a huge blue and white blinking star in the front window. They just could not believe it. Then I had bought the son, Roman, a Jewish star for his neck and he just cried. A very memorable Chanukah. My kids said it was the best we ever had. And they helped clean up to prove it!!!


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Duke, I usually make a beef brisket and the kids requested the chicken rolled in corn flakes and baked so it is not  greasy at all. Funny, that will have corn flakes then I always crush sugar flakes over the noodle kugel. So my 18 yr old says, what's with all the corn flakes, Is that a Jewish thing or something?" I said this year yes. We have so much food all the time so there is plenty to feed my cousin  and glad to have you! BTW oil is the theme always at Chanukah for the oil found in the destroyed Temple should have lasted 1 night and lasted 8 nights which was the miracle that saved the Jews from the Maccabees. You know it is said that we are the "Chosen" people? Sometimes I look up at G-d and I say, please choose someone else for a change!


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Catherine, you know me too well, I just can't help myself. Not sure where my humor comes from!
My Mom never told a joke in her life but my Dad would say the funniest things then crack himself up laughing at his own jokes until he cried. Robin and I do the same thing! It's hilarious.


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Thank-you so much Julie, and may our Festival of Lights shine on all and may Peace all over the world find it's way to each and every one.  We are having our Chanukah Dinner Friday at Robin's.
I am making oven fried chicken, mini sweet/sour meatballs and a Noodle Kugel (noodle pudding) all by Grandkids request. Robin will do the latkes (potato pancakes) and cookies including butter horns. She is decorating today floor to ceiling and has 7 Menorahs that all the kids light. It will be her boyfriend's 1st Chanukah!


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Dear Dakotabeann, sometimes people can be the worst! (that is a line from Jerry Seinfeld). What I see here is a very good story for the Newspaper!!! That will take care of it all!


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Of course there is. That is where the Mars Candy Bar Company is located!


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Thank you Julia. I posted it mainly to show that even with the deepest love for someone you have room in your heart for another wonderful person! It is going so well. I wonder what I ever did to deserve to have 2 such wonderful gentlemen!~

Dearest Mandy. I am so very sorry to read this but we all know he is now at Peace. Please accept my humble condolences. I believe the following may be what he is thinking:

If I should be the first to go,
And leave you alone, my Dear,
Let not your heart be lonely,
Nor in your eyes a tear.
Grieve not for me, my Darling,
I’ll not be far away,
With petals of love and tenderness,
I’ll pave for you the way.
To join me in our sanctuary,
And ne’er again we’ll part.
Grieve not for me, my Darling,
I live within your heart.
Take joy again in living,
As you did in years gone by;
God knows what of he’s doing,
And not be questioned why.
Grieve not for me, my Darling,
My life with you on earth
Each moment filled with happiness,
And love so few be worth.
I’ll be waiting for you Sweetheart
Where skys are ever blue,
With eager heart and open arms
Patiently, for you.
Grieve not for me, my Darling,
May faith and my love keep.
Your soul filled with contentment
Eternally, I sleep.

Julia, thank you so much and it is so good to see your smiling face. WIshing you and yours a very happy Holiday! You made my day when I saw you post!

Ah, Duke, my Duke! I am hysterically laughing at the above post. You really crack me up. LUV YA


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Dear Carl, I promise you things will get better. Give it time and perhaps a grief counseling group or a clergy could help. I swear to you there is something to this believing in the beyond and spirituality that really helps one get through. Teddy just had his 4th anniversary and I don't think one person on this site doubted the love we had. Well I have met another wonderful man. So it can happen when you are really ready. Carl, life is for the living! Grief is different for everyone and sometimes we need a little help from our Docs. Wishing you the very best and we are all here for you.

Dear Sammi, I am so very sorry to read this. I do believe that people pick their time to go and know when they have had enough. Is he getting pain and nausea meds? I totally agree with you that he needs Hospice and to stop work. It sounds like on one side he has accepted it but on the other side he is still fighting. You see, the longer he goes without help for pain and nausea the worse it will get, Hospice can at least provide comfort for him so you can all have a little quality if life with him while he can. My suggestion would be Home Hospice and he needs to know he does not have to show his strength by working as he has already done that. He also does not have to show strength by what he thinks is giving in as he has already showed that he is strong. He needs help from Hospice. I have a list of 10 things to watch for near the end and if you email me I would send them to you. My husband followed all but the #10. Sammi, be very strong and we are all here for you.


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I KNOW, I KNOW. Could not even believe it myself. I even asked Teddy to step in as he sits with Vince Lombardi for the Packer games. He must have been going all over the family looking at Xmas decorations. Wait! He never missed a Packer game. Do ya think they clipped his wings!!!!!

Duke, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  Can I be nicely naughty?  lol Couldn't resist.

Oh, Duke, so sorry to hear about your Niece, Sometimes I just have to ask myself how people are picked to endure these Journeys!!
I so agree with you about 2nd opinions. I was DX last spring with a Meningioma on the left side of my brain just over the ear. I went to a Neurologist who sent me to a Neurosurgeon. She said don't worry about it, it is not cancer and will probably not go further.  With what I learned on this CC site I knew I was not going to settle for one opinion even though it was good. Went to another Neurosurgeon and he said the same thing and even had a 2nd scan done. I just had a feeling it was and ok thing....but then who am I? What I am trying to show is that even with good news we all cannot be too careful when it come to these things.

Say, BIG Packer game tomorrow morning!!! I can wear my Aaron Rogers shirt that Chuck ordered for me! Go Pack!

OMG, Duke, guess he didn't realize who he was talking "down" to.  Honestly I would report him! He is obviously the one who does not know what he is talking about!   This makes me want to scream at him!

Julie, as you know my Cancer was different than CC however rare and etc and I had successful surgery. Last June I had an MRI and it showed "shadows". They reordered a scan, a CT with contrast. It showed absolutely nothing of importance. Therefore I am led to believe the CT with contrast is the best outside of a PET.
Have to tell a funny story that I have never told. What did T and I know in the beginning? NOTHING! We go for his 1st PET Scan and the parking lot at the Hospital was jammed. Finally find 2 spaces at the entrance marked PET. I didn't think we could park there as I thought it was for visiting PETS. Of course it was for patients getting PET Scans! Yep, I shouldn't even admit that one!


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Gavin, actually both are about the same consistency. The label will read Hot Ketchup or Hot Sauce. I like them both. Almost the same flavor. My Grandkids turned me on to it as when they went to Camps there are always bottles of it on the tables. They put it on everything from eggs to potatoes.


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Gavin, I didn't realize Dad was really just 1 year ahead of Teddy. I wonder if he visited the Italian Restaurant yet or Perry's Chinese Restaurant. I tell you none of us will lack a place to eat!
You will get a Medal of Honor for the way you have taken care of your Dad and Mum. You are truly a wonderful son and I know that even across the water.


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Gavin, this Momma is pining for you to visit!! I can see now the eating would not stop. When I make Sloppy Joes I always put a bottle of Frank's Hot Sauce out as a lot of people like it hot. Frank's is great as they make a hot catsup and a hot sauce. We are waiting for yuouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Dear Desiree, how good it is to hear from you. Honestly I was thinking about you the other day! I remember all those bad events for you and was hoping you were doing better. I don't know if your Mother visits you or not, I know you believe but have you ever thought that she may feel if she comes around it will only upset you more? Desiree, at 62 you are young yet and I am sure your Mother who absolutely loved life would like to see you enjoy life once again. Your Mother reminded me of an Auntie Mame type of person that everyone loved because she was so much fun and she craved that fun. I feel the best tribute you could give her is to live life again. Very happy to hear you are going to bike again, good news. Try the mirror thing for a couple of weeks but instead of talking to your Mama, talk to yourself and say, "I like you and you are going to be OK". This is about making you a happy lady again! Kind of sounds like your meds are not working for you and perhaps the DOC might try something else. Please let us know how you are doing and I am waiting for the day that you come here to post the most happy most you have ever written!


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Thanks, Duke. I 4got. Absolutely drain the grease. Next time I will add browned onions. I love onions and garlic! Don't care for beer but I also eat it with a fork, open faced as I call it.


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Thanks, Duke for reminding me. True, true.

Gavin, you brown hamburger meat and add Sloppy Joe mix which is a little hot and spicy and a can of tomato paste. Simmer and then pour over burger buns. You can then add more hot sauce if you like. You would love it.

Hi Julie! I didn't get the FB request but sent you one yesterday. Going to meet Chuck now to have my first meeting of one of his couple friends. Will email later!

Duke, I just gave a huge smile, so I know you are having a GOOD day!