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Dearest Iamrebecca, you certainly are and you have the means to find out that you also will stay Rebecca. We have had members diagnosed in much the same way and after 2nd, 3rd and even 4th opinions treatments have been found to help. Different ONCs can see things differently and I highly agree with Marion to see what others say. Gather your LABS and test results to take to others for their insight. It is time to put on your pink boxing gloves and  let the fight begin! Please keep us posted on what you find out as you are not alone here, we are one big family.


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THANK YOU ALL: And my son from another MUM just cracked me up. I needed that today, Gavin, as I am packing and running down my long list. This time Mel may be the problem as he has Bronchitis! It is a 6 hour drive and we are breaking it up into 3 to Yuma and 3 to Carlsbad. Yuma as in the movie "The 3:10 to Yuma" and yep it still looks like that!  Not sure where we will eat, probably Mickie Dees Steak House (McDonalds). Robin and her oldest, Josh and his GF are coming in for 2 days and we are taking a train along the Ocean down to San Diego. Then lunch at a favorite of Mels and then back. Should all be fun. Love to you all, each and every one.


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Just a note that I will be out of town from OCT. 13th to Oct. 23rd. For those of you who know the area I will be spending a week Oceanside in Carlsbad, Calif.  Hope everyone stays good and as usual I IWLL miss being here!

This is FANTABULOUS!  GO CC Team GO!!!!

If you are our Geek you are so loved!!!!  Do you get the TV Show, "Big Bang Theory"? Its about some BRAIN Geeks and is now my favorite on TV. LOVE THE GEEK!  Interesting article, too.

Dear Lorna, welcome to our remarkable family and the best place to be for CC. Congratulations to your Dad for surviving the bumpy road but the news is all good and I wish for his continued success. Please keep us updated on Dad's progress and thank him for having you share his story as it could be of great help to other CC patients.

Dear Nancy, I am so sorry to read this about your Mom, I know you both are strong fighters and you have done everything the right way. My only thought is, would it be possible to bring Mom back here with you? I know you have been with her in Taiwan. Not sure if she is able to travel. It is not because they are not doing enough for her but all ONCs  an see things differently. I am sending you my best thoughts. Hang in and hang on!

Dear Catherine, of course you should post and a big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to your Mom! What a survivor story and it will bring hope to many. Your parents remind me of mine as they loved to dance. Teddy used to call them Fred and Ginger! You may be too young for that. LOL
I am so very happy for your Mom. Of course I do know that she has an awesome Caregiver!

Gav, are you KIDDING me???? Thank goodness I can't swim so do not have to go there. I think this is a CROCK adile!!

Hi Barbara, wow, cannot believe this is the 5th Memorial Benefit already. Not sure what makes time fly. Wishing you the very best and I am sure this one like all the rest will make new results to break the other records. So much good luck to you and can't wait to hear this year's results.

Hi Brigitte. There are so many questions that go unanswered because of the rarity of this cancer but strides are being made. You may try our research engine at the top and type in a word or 2 that pertain to your situation and scan over the posts that appear. By reading the posts, questions could pop up in your mind about subjects you have not thought about. Have you also tried another ONC for a 2nd opinion?


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Dear Lisa, welcome to the best place to be for CC support. I am sorry you had to find us but you will see you are not alone now. You certainly have been through so much already and I truly hope this new treatment helps. I am wondering if you have ever thought of going for a second opinion as different Doctors see things differently. You sound like a very strong lady and you never know how strong you are until "strong" is the only choice you have! Please keep us updated on your journey as we truly care.

Dear Wendy, welcome to the best place to be for CC support and where you will find the nicest and smartest people the world over. First of all  a BIG HURRAH! for a 5 year anniversary. Way to go! I would imagine that your ONC would talk to you about the high numbers and tell you what should or could be done. I would give him a call and ask him or make an appointment to see him.
Five years is just great and wishing you  continued success and please keep in touch. By the way, could you move your post to the Introduction page as I am afraid it may get lost here and others may have some answers for you. Thanks a bunch.


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Great news, Lynn. This is all why we call CC a roller coaster ride. One we did not want to buy a ticket for. Congrats to Greg, now he can be his old self!


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Dear Lynn, I am so very sorry to read that Greg is still so miserable and I hope the stenting does the job. I agree with what he says about the TV, I never heard that one before, about it being free so what should we expect. Good one. I hope that the stenting is successful so he can catch a break. Take care of yourself as well. Will be thinking about you both!

What a wonderful story! Thank you so very much Lisa! Love you and Charming Charlie's!

Yes. Gavin, it has been spoken! Stop hiding behind those Foster Grants.

Oh, Gav, you just made my day. No you made my year.

Hi my son from another Mum. I have to admit that picture is 22 years old.

Marion, this  old face is already on in a picture with Teddy. My hair is dark (ha ha) and I am wearing a red dress. I can either put our names on it which I didn't do or send a picture of me with white hair! Ha, Ha

Beautiful!!! I have one thing to say, "everyone get homely and ugly as CC seems to want just the most beautiful people in the world." I hope they are all healthy and happy now and hanging around with each other!


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OK CC Family, I HAVE A GOOD ONE THAT AFTER 8 YEARS we still double over with laughter.  My Teddy "relocated " 5 1/2 years ago. He was a true Sicilian and after he was DX he started wearing his CC bracelet. He could NEVER pronounce Cholangio. We had company from Milwaukee and went to our favorite Italian restaurant. Rocky (yes Rocky) asked Teddy what was on his bracelet. Teddy says, "Oh that's my Cancer". Rocky says, "No I meant what does it say?" Teddy answers, " Angelo Carcinoma". Leave it to my Teddy to make a Sicilian our of his Cancer!! I thought I would choke trying not to laugh at the time. And, YES, HUMOR is the best way to get through bad times or any time. 

Our humor at CC was during his DX. He was very jaundice  and I looked at the ONC and Teddy and I said, "You know  I don't like you in yellow!" That time they cracked up.


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Dear Lynn, I am do very sorry to her about your hubby's down time!  I would call the DOC and tell him everything that is going on. With the things going on, we need to keep in touch with the DOC! I  I am wishing for the very best!

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Brown. It sounds like you may have received the best wedding gift ever! Wishing and praying for the best news for you both. The wedding does not make the marriage, the couple does. Congratulations and wishing you both the very best.

Hi Dave! Sorry to hear about the "tube" problems.  My husband had those issues and he also got the stitches and the drainage bag. The bag did work for him and I did the emptying. He also pinned the top of the bag to the bottom of his shirt which made it more comfortable. He even  putted golf balls with the bag in tact. Hopefully, someone can come up with a good idea for you!