Thanks...yes I was just thinking of some activities that may help bring about positive thoughts and relaxation... things like small craft activities, scrapbooking (if that's a hobby), etc.
Any ideas are appreciated!  Thanks!

Does anyone have advice for things to do during chemo?  I'm trying to help someone pass the time.  Any enjoyable activity to help pass the time, avoid stressful thoughts would be appreciated!  (reading books/magazines, crossword puzzles, ??)
Thank you,

Please let me know if anyone has had experience with clinical trials involving hepatic arterial infusion.  Current treatment plan is oxaliplatin via HAI + 5FU (with leucovorin) + Avastin.
Thank you!


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Any experience with this?  Clinical trial offered; gemcitabine + dasanitib.

Thank you so much for sharing any experiences you may have!


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Thanks so much for the feedback!

Please let me know your experiences with Gemcitabine + Xeloda.

Cholangciocarcinoma patient was having success with Gemcitabine + Cisplatin (tumor shrinkage and ca 19-9 down dramatically), however, now has recent mets to lungs.
Doctor is now wanting to try Gem + Xeloda.

Thanks so much for your advice/experiences.

Did any of you experience fluid build-up in mainly the abdomen, and extremities (ankles) after chemo treatment?  This is after gemcitabine + cisplatin combo.
My loved one did not have this ascites (not sure if she is diagnosed with "ascites" yet, but definitely has serious fluid build-up) before her chemo treatment and now does.
I'm wondering if any of you experienced this just due to your cholangiocarcinoma, or if you experienced this post treatment with gem/cis.

Thank you for your feedback...

Yes, I did see that.  Thank you very much.

Thanks so much for your honest yet positive message!

Does anyone prefer one combo over the other?  Let me know of any positive experiences.
My family member will start the Gem/Cis combo soon.  I'm not sure why not Oxali, as I've heard there are fewer side effects?

Yes, thanks so much for this article.  I appreciate you sharing it!


Has anyone, while researching liver transplant options, found major differences between these two Mayo Clinic locations?
The statistics online show that both are fairly comparable, with liver transplant success statistics.
Does anyone know if there are better doctors at either location that deal specifically with cholangiocarcinoma and liver transplant?
Thank you so much for information, in advance.

Has anyone tried this and found any successful results?

Thanks so much for your input.
It's such a hard decision for my mother.

Also I should include that my mother is only 54 years of age, has never even needed hospitalization besides childbirth and carpel tunnel syndrome, and is in excellent health.  There is no family history of cancer.  This is a shock for all of us.

My mother has just been diagnosed on Christmas of 2007.  She is extremely healthy and we have, as a blessing, discovered this cancer as a result of a routine cholesterol test.
Her tumor is a large one however.
We are told that surgery is not an option (size is large, plus the tumor is compressing or occluding the vessels, not allowing for the blood flow needed).  We are also told that a liver transplant would be very dangerous, as the immunosuppressant drugs would inhibit her body's immunity from fighting the cancer after the transplant.
Can anyone please help us with any information?  I have seen on Johns Hopkins website where there are successful transplants.  How does this happen if it is seen as a failure to other doctors?  How could these transplants ever be successful if you have to receive immunosupressant drugs??
Thank you so much for your help in advance.