I have been reading the posts on this site for a while now and believe it's time to contribute if it helps anyone like it has helped our family.  Dad was diagnosed with cc in June 07.  We went to all the major hospitals in the Washington/Baltimore area with the same result as everyone else on this site.  Nothing they can do or any other surgeon can do.  We were given the 6 month timetable with no chemo and chemo was not offered.  The same exact result at four hospitals.  Going with the advice of people posting here we never gave up.  Adventually we did find a surgeon willing to operate in Pittsburgh.  This changed my Father's whole outlook and gave him hope.  He starting eating and putting on the weight to prepare for surgery.  Right now we are waiting for the Doctor to schedule the surgery suppose to know within 2 weeks.

I would like to tell anyone that is going through this difficult time,  DON'T LOSE HOPE!!!  You may have to go through alot of Doctor appointments and think you are talking to the best surgeon who ever graced the earth, but in many cases they simply read the text book answer to you and walk away.  You don't need that person's help because they are not of the caliber to match what you need help with.  Don't be discouraged by this there are people who can help!

I would like to thank everyone so for there contributions and let you know, we are praying for everyone here and wish the best for everyone.