I do good for a few days then get bloated old taste food and gas,in mornings feel pretty good after bag fills quickly,evry 3rd day low on energy I am going monday and want blood work done to see my protein levels,maybe need b-12 with other vitamins thanks for asking and it went to my email for me to read !! easier for me

colostomy bag on now

thet said its cholangio and I have put off treatment for several reasons right know,go back monday 17 they say have to have teeth done first,then I know I wont eat as much as do now,let alone chemo in cold weather

they did biopsies but have said it might be another,at least new onc and surgeon did not onc i see monday,but i will ask again,how come i dont get messages in my email guys from replies     thanks Eric

gemsar and cisplaten was 1 option,mfolfox 6 azd2171  I was wondering if it might be another type colon cancer that has spread fast,the hip bone lower vertibrate,stricture on colon and some spots on abdomin,I am already kind of weak but managing.no apointments until monday with might be old oncologist,this guy didnt just walk in the door and say your full and this is what to do,the clinic doctor went over all scan reports we had,has patholigy reports and discs of all films   I see him in a week next wen. night everyone think possitive as possible and enjoy your evening. I cant sleep  your friend Eric

I had second opinion,def think I need chemo this doctor explained things much more detail. now to decide what type I want I will post under general discution catagory thanks for any help recieved and going to need alot more being mostly by myself. thanks Eric and so sorry to here about Devoncat


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sorry to here hans, Kris and yourself helped me get this far  RIP Devoncat


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my bloated feeling is very similiar and can taste the old food with gas coming out stoma seams like digestive system stops at times. i have started taking colace even though stool is pretty soft already,sometimes its hard to drink a boost or ensure even water seams to lay there along time hope hers is getting better have a better new year I am praying

I have a big week coming up with follow ups on colonostomy bag and stent proceedure,my birthday is on the 3rd then it starts,the fifth I have a consultation with a second opinion at closer hospital,the Lord has helped me live day by day,some better than others.The issue now is my system doesnt digest fast enough and I get gas and bloated feeling with taste of old food then I am misserable even water and ensure is hard at times,is this stopping and starting digestive system possible with the cancer pushing from the outer abdominal wall, I hopefully will be able to see some results from my pet scan I had last week,follow up with oncologist is on the 10th,why do they make you wait for results so long. Might be better off with differant hospital care at least second opinion.I seams like they are dragging there feet,but I know it because of the hollidays.   OK I will include everyone in my prayers and hope the NEW YEAR is better

happy hollidays pet scan truck thursday next week follow ups I hope and birthday I know  jan 3 47   ty everyone goodnight

I have a colonosomy bag and stent,just issues dgesting right now  Happy Hollidays


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Hi Peony   I am also have cc, I had a liver recection and a chemo pill in jan 08,and now am having problems again.Your husband is so lucky to have you for helping inspire him to continue,I am all alone most the time and having to decide the same treatment within the next three weeks.thursday I have a pet scan and see if the cells have multiplied or stayed the same,at the same time I have doctors 2nd opinion going on,problems digesting food.I will keep you and your husband in my prayers and everybody else also,make the best of the hollidays and 1 day at a time and the lord is helping me along with all of you,I just cant read or type much anymore from Eric in Ohio

sistercorb sorry to here that your dad has got sick again. I am kinda in the same situation myself and went 36 months before the cc traveled,now they say stage 4 and not much longerto go,my blood work and everything is fine I just have a problem digesting the food,its spread to my whole abdominal cavity and is puting presure on my colon,I am on the same roller coaster and am having another scan thurday to see if any of the bad cells have multiplied and then going to a differant hospital for 2nd opinion, I would like to see scans not just here reports from tests I live by myself and wish I was with your father even if it was the next mountain over.Thanks for honoring his request and I pray that he gets better again. Hope you have a enjoyable holidays with him.

Hello everyone first off Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone and myself also happy birthday jan 3  47 years young.  I have decided to get a second opinion at a place closer to home and also closer for small family and few friends I have. I am having another scan thursday after xmas to compare with last and have already had some pathology reports faxed.There was several reasons for trying another place,but I wont go into all that. I am maintaining eating,but some days the food doesnt seam to digest and my stomach feels bloated and colon bag gives off alot of air,It also feels like slight heartburn and when I belch it taste like the old food some stool does come out both ways and is usually more liquidy,I go to sleep and wake up with some relief and the bag fills pretty fast when I wake.I feel hungry now butalso bloated whats good to eat or just drink a ensure and a few vanila wavers and go to sleep

Thanks Kim and others.I have already put this plan in place I follow up with gi that put osty bag on, another scan,and I also made apointment for cleveland clinic oncologist for consultation and to have pathology reports faxed, I wish they would fax or send them the tests also not just reports.  but its a start  Happy Hollidays and Amen

thank you all and I will keep possitive and hope this has been slow growing and gives me time to heal some what before I make a decision I am also thinking of transfering to a more local hospital at least consultation, that would help tremendously not being so far away from people,and try not to complain as much,most the time the illnesses changes to there health issues that they have and I listen. Maybe sometimes I just need to be a better listener and just forget my issue at the time. Have a Merrry Christmas

Thank youall I am scared of the treatments because I live by myself and have lost many friend,well I thought most were,when you stop your regular activities and cant work anymore,your list gets small then some do not know how to take mebeing sick and I have run others off because of being sick sometimes and on meds I am not very nice most the time yes but alot of people I thought I could count on are not there,you find out your true friends and most of them have very active busy lifes,I have a problem with asking for help and think its all a burdon because I have been so independent,I really do not want to get sicker if I can maintane the way I have been and can get better digesting and diet down I might choose not to be treated, at this point I want to be a little healthier if I do choose to have treatment.I am checking today on transfering or getting a second opinion from University Hospital to the Cleveland Clinic, Docs are alot closer and treatment would be also. I hope it slows down enough for the colostomy bag to do its job and to keep digesting food,I am not sure what the next symptoms might be,but right now I am not in alot of pain just need to get diet better to help digest food better  thanks guys

The oncologist said the cc has spread around the whole outer side of the abdominal cavity and is what is causing the pressure and wants to start me on gencidebine and another begins with a c  I will read notes in morning and give better knowlledge,it late and I just woke up but need more rest    they also mentioned a new clinical trial method I will go over   Have a Happy Hollidays friends that are sick,im saying a prayer for all of us and our family and friends to try to make it this way  Amen

stenting and osty bag working trying to get energy back I am on a low reidue diet and eating small meals hope and pray I heal and hot spots go away I want to ask onc.monday for another scan of the abdominal and colon area where stent was put in.He mentioned some type of treatment gencidebine and another with it,these oncologist are not that familiar with my type of cancer but will be the closet to treat, I will let everyone know more monday


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smaller meals seam to help me,I will talk to my onc monday, i have to take pancrelipse for my enzimes i have no bile duct or gull bladder. Good luck Jane my prayers are with you and all others

I have a colonosmy bag and am healing my stomach finally, I am hoping the hot spots were not cancer and just part of a bad infection,the 20th I visit with new onc. I think I want another scan before any chemo,colangio carconoma I didnt think traveled to the inside of digest systom


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Jane sorry to hear that I have spent the last 20 days out of 30 in and out because of these symptoms. They put a stent in my outside of colon or rectum where stricture was and said my stomach had lots of little white spots that lit up during pet scan,I meet with onc 20th they want to treat with  gencidabine or something and I think its just some of the infection poison from being sick for months and blocked  should I ask for another scan,liver recection doc said this cancer doesnt travel there often,  47 on 3rd jan  I want home for xmas and birthday  miralex helped me then they misunderstood and gave me fibercon stopped everything  and bloated now I have osty bag but nothing all day.  I will pray hard for all

i rember several stent tries for bile ducts,was hoping this was not same kind of issue seams my body worke a little better today, sometimes a ensure or boost seams 2 much  i will talk with dietition monday  i have another scan the 10th on anther spot outsde the liver might be nothing its hard for them to even read biopsy on this colangio without physically seeing  a colosomy back  be a option  who know  its so hard doing all by myself  ready to move away  thanks marions and others

I was in umiversity hospital for 10 days they put a stent in to open up striction,but hasnt given much relieve

had stent put in for stool to come out always feel bloated need help