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I sympathize with your pain and loss.  My family has an almost exact situation.  My father (66) was diagnosed with the disease in June, and too has passed last week (September 9th). 

He was diagnosed after spending a month in Italy and two months after my wedding.  He was in the prime of his life, newly retired and full of love and life.  He too was very active and loved by many. 

My sister and I (both under 30) are devestated, as well as my mother, his wife of 41 years.  The time between diagnosis and his death was too fast.  Although we tried two different regemins of chemotherapy (FU-5 and Xeloda), both failed.  We were treated by the best doctors at Sloan-Kettering here in New York, but my father was too far advanced and too weak to continue.

We do not understand the cruelty of this disease and we cannot grasp how my father went from living a full life to be taken of it all.

We sympathize with you and pray for you and your family that we will find ourselves living each day as our father and your husband would have wanted us to and that they will give us strength each day to go on.

I also pray for all those diagnosed with this disease, and their family members, that a cure will be found.

Thank you for the quick reply...as you know, with such little information out there -- we only have one another to rely upon.

Yes, we have Lasix in the US but it has done very little for my father.  I suppose it works if the ascites was not so severe.

My concern is also that my father is experiencing the same coughing with the vomiting of the white foam as this earlier post, and as I believe you said, your husband did too.

I keep trying to imagine that he will be able to go on and his life will be prolonged with the chemotherapy (Xeloda) that is is taking, however, I loose hope due to the sight of his abdomen, legs and reports of his coughing and vomiting foam. 

I am a true believer in that the body is the master of all healers and it is the body that gives us signs of illness...these to me are not good signs. 

I am sorry to hear about your husband and just as sorry for anyone who suffers from this horrible illness....my heart goes out to all.

First, I am sorry to hear that you all are suffering in the same way with trying to help a family member or friend deal with this horrible disease.

I write because my father also deals with severe ascites which has now spread to his legs.  He has trouble eating due to his distended abdomen and now trouble walking due to the build up of fluid in his legs.

At first he was getting drained at the hospital (first time 5 litres and second time another 5 litres) until finally they decided to place a permanent cathethor in him so that he can "self-drain" at home.  This allows him to drain about 1 litre a day (pending his blood pressure).

I was wondering if the ascites was associated with the much later stages (of already late stage) cc.  I review the family profiles quite often and see that the other do not suffer from ascites (besides D. Peterson who seems to have the same troubles).   

Further, please advise if there is any other relief known besides the draining.