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My name is Valerie McCrea. I am 37 and was diagnosed with CC on Oct 21, 2005. I am on Gemzar/Oxil and Avastin, I have tumors in my liver and 2 lymph nodes by my Pancreas. I also have some seeding on my diaphram. I am being seen by Cedars Siani Hosp. in L.A. Dr Drazin 310-385-3343. I have had 5 rounds of Chemo. My sixth will be Jan 17th. I had a PET/CT done a week ago. Pet showed cancer activity down. CT showed stable but slight growth in a bigger tumor. I feel fine. No real side effects from Chemo. Next scan in 4 weeks to see where we are at. I am getting a few other opinions right now as well to confirm or not... whether I am on appropriate treatment.
Stacie-This is great! Thanks for putting this together.