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Mary Anne - I'm glad to hear that Joe is still feeling strong. Chemo is a good option... if it doesn't help to shrink the tumor, hopefully, it would at least stop the growth. Have you guys thought about getting a 3rd opinion? Here's a couple of sites to look at:

Sloan-Kettering - http://www.mskcc.org/

MD Anderson - http://www.mdanderson.org/

I've done a lot of research and there doesn't seem to be a clear consensus on how to treat this cancer. It all depends on where you are in the country and what doctor you go to. This makes it even harder because you have to find the right combination of drugs but what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the next. I think it's a good idea to have as many options available to you as possible.

Thank you for praying for my dad. Unforunately, he lost his battle yesterday to this disease. He was having a really tough time on Sat. night at St. Mary's. On Sunday morning, we asked to be discharged so we could go home. It was noon by the time we got to leave. We live in the Twin Cities so it's about a 1 1/2 hr. drive.

My uncle rode in the medical transport with my dad and my sister and I followed in our own cars. My uncle said that my dad passed away about half way through the trip. He didn't struggle and it seemed peaceful. I think he was waiting just to go home.

It's really hard to deal with but I know he's no longer in pain and he's no longer suffering. I got to see my father when we got home and he had a smile on his face. It's strange, but this actually brings me peace because perhaps he is/was happy. He was a great man and I'll miss him dearly.

Thanks again for your prayers. Keep in touch and I'll read Joe's blog from time to time. If you ever need to contact me, feel free to email me at avang21@yahoo.com. Take care. - Angel


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Mary Anne - How did your appointments go? I hope they were able to offer something for Joe. It sounds like there might be a chance of aggressive chemo treatment for him. My dad's name is Yia. He's been hospitialized again and the doctors think that he may only have about a week or so left. He is starting to show signs of liver failure. Chemo at this point is out of the question. My dad says he's too tired to fight anymore so as soon as they set us up with hospice care, we're taking him home. Thank you so much for praying for us and I will keep you and Joe in my thoughts as well.

Mira - Thank you for your insight. I'm gald to hear that your father was able to start chemo. I also think that any action against the cancer is better than nothing. There's always that chance that the chemo help. I hope his condition will improve to continue the treatment. I will also keep you and your father in my toughts.

Take care. - Angel


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Thank you all for replying.

Patricia & HOPEFORUSSOON - My dad still has some hope and wants to start chemo. It's just hard right now because it seems that things are getting worse before chemo can even be started. For now, my family will support him in seeking chemo treatment if that's what he wants but I think my family knows that we will evently be needing hospice care. I think my dad knows this also but isn't ready to give up get. I just hope he can overcome these last symptoms...and I think he will with all of my family and his friends supporting him.

maryanne80 - I'm sorry to hear about your husband. It's good that you are getting a second opinion. The doctors at Mayo are excellent and I hope they will be able to give you different options. My dad is home right now but his appointments aren't until Mon at Gonda. What doctors are you seeing there?


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Hi everyone. First, I just want to say that I am thankful to find this website and to see that there is support out there for this type of cancer. My heart goes out to everyone who is dealing with this and it gives me comfort that my family is not alone.

My father (53 years old) was just recently diagnosed. He was hospitalized on 8-14-06 because of jaundice. After tons of tests and a liver biopsy, it was determined on 8-28-06 that he had cc. He has satge 4 cc with mets to the liver, lymph nodes and the omentum. His bilirubin level was 31 at the highest point and his CA19-9 level was at 12,000. We were told he had 2-3 months to live and pallative care would be the best option.

We sought a second opinion at The Mayo Clinic, where he is currently being treated. Our oncologist at the Mayo told us that chemo was an option but we had to wait until the jaundice cleared before chemo could be started. The prognosis is still poor though.

He has had 2 drainage tubes (1 at St. Johns, 1 at Mayo) put in to try to clear the jaundice but his bilirubin levels as of 9-16-06 are still at 10.1. They have found a blood clot in his lung and clots in his legs. He's currently hospitialized because of severe dehydration, extremely low blood pressure and ascites. They are still working on finding the cause of his low blood pressure but he is no longer dehydrated. He will be having the ascites drained tomorrow.

I am so afraid that he is close to liver failure and he will never get strong enough to start chemo. I don't want my father to have to go through chemo if it's going to make him feel worse and it's not going to help him but I don't want to start hospice care either because it feels like we are just giving up.

I really wish there was more research on this cancer and better screening so it could be caught in the earlier stages when it is still treatable.