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Yes, don't give up. My mum was given up and we went for a second opinion. As a result her oncologist is starting with chemo tomorrow, a combination of Gemzar and Eloxatin. This combination is in Belgium not used for cc, but he says that he's had good results with this combination. Our oncologist also said that he cannot cure my mum, but he can buy her time, and more important quality time. So she's going for it...

best of luck



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Hey Kara,

Hope your dad is pestering those doctors with alot of question. It's the only way sometimes to get information. Also hope your mum is doing ok, which I know in terms of cc is relative.

My mum is in hospital right now. Last friday the doctors drained the fluid that had build up in her abdomen which for her is an immense relieve. She can digest food again and feels alot more comfortable. Today we should get the blood results and the abdominal fluid results.

I know that this will only confirm what we already know. If really nothing else can be done for my mum, my sister and I are going to take her home. I'm taking time off from work and so will my sister to take care of both my mum and dad. Hoping we'll have more good than bad days.

It makes me happy that they had a good time in Southern France, even though mum wasn't feeling all that well.

Kara, may your mum be one of the miracle patients!



My mum has been hospitalized today. The fluid build up in her abdomen has been drained. She's feeling alot better now.

She also knows that the cancer has metastasized into the peritoneum and that her live expectancy is limited.

My mum has proven today to be a very strong, courages woman. She has surprised me, she really has.

We've had a wonderful talk today, shared our fears, our hopes, our sadness. Told my mum that I love her dearly, she told me the same thing.

Although the time we have to spent together is limited, it will be lived to the fullest. There's no subject off limits anymore. I know now there is no stronger emotion, no stronger feeling than love.



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My mum (68) was diagnosed with CC in April 2007. Last Monday we were informed that the cancer metastasized towards her peritoneum. My mum is now in the last stage of CC. We don't know how much time she has left. It is starting to dawn on me that we are going to have to let her go. Don't know how I am going to manage this.

Luckily, as with you shelagh, my sister and me are very close (we're twins). Together I hope we'll be able to comfort both my mum and dad. We'll try to enjoy the time we have left to the fullest. We are a very close family.

Never thought, ofcourse not, that I was going to lose my mum, she being 68, me being 43.
It's so very hard.

Wish you all the strength and courage to carry on and enjoy life, because it's still worth living.

"In the land of hope, it's never winter".


Hi Karen,

Our general practitioner gave us (my sister and me) the hard needed information this morning. Mum has matastasis in her peritoneum. So that is very bad news. He had (finally) received the results of the CT scan. He is going to help us break this news to my parents, because neither my sister nor me are emotionally able to tell them.

We are preparing for a very sad and emotional weekend.

I sincerely hope that mum can still have a couple of good weeks/months.



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Marions and Ron,

Thank you so much for you advice and kind words. My sister and I went to our general practitioner this morning. He had the results of the scan and could only confirm that my mum is now in the last stage of cc. The cancer has matastasized into the peritoneum. She is already experiencing stomach and digestion problems, constipation and fluid build up in her abdomen, which ofcourse isn't good. Our doctor told us to prepare for the worst and he doesn't give her more than a couple of months at the most. Mum and dad don't know this right now. No need to upset them now that they are on holiday together and enjoying eachothers company. Had them on the phone yesterday  and that was very very hard, because mum sounded relaxed and content.

I also believe in second opinions. And we did get a second opinion, because the first physician we went to see, now almost a year ago told us then there was no hope and mum had 4 months at the most. We then went to the University Hospital in Ghent which is renowned for its cancer treatments. Mum had a whipple, had a very bad post operative two weeks, but came back to us. She was then treated with chemo (gemzar) and radiotherapy. She had a very good 5 months then, where she started going on long walks again, riding her bike and started driving her car again (never thought she'd ever do that again). So we should be thankful for those months.

Friday will be hell, because my parents are coming home. Our general practitioner will then call them and ask them to come over. He will tell them the bad news... really don't know what to expect. But I'm preparing for a very sad weekend.

I did alot of reading on cancer of the peritoneum. The informatie doesn't leave much room for hope.

All the best to you



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Hi Ron,
Yes, my dad was with her. Before the CT scan she had an echo of the liver and I was with her at the time. Even when her tumormarkers multiplied by 4 her physician told her she had nothing to worry about, I know because I was with my mum and dad during that consultation. The sad thing is that he admitted to our general practitioner that he thought that was the best thing to say to her. Worrying your patient is not something you do, he said. I trusted him, I really did. That is why this news is so hard to take.  That is also why I am so angry now.

Thanks Ron



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Hi Kara,
I wish you all the best. My mum (68) was diagnosed with cc in April 2007. She's had a whipple and chemo. Her liver was totally tumor free after the operation. But now, she has metastasis in her abdomen, small intestents and pancreas. There is no more hope. My parents are off on vacation to the south of France (we live in Belgium) thinking all is well because her physician decided to lie to them. I've gotten the news today from her general practitioner that the future looks very grim.

I'm so angry I don't quite know what to do... except hope that my parents have the time of their lives together, because it's going to be the last vacation they have together.

Take care and wishing you all the best

Hi, my name is Pat and my mum (68) was diagnosed with klatskin on
April 10th 2007. Since then she's had a whipple operation and chemo. For a while she was doing really well. But we have been lied to by her physician. At this very moment my parents are off on vacation to the South of France thinking all is well although my mum is suffering from pain in her stomach, difficulty with digestion and constipation. Two weeks ago my mum had a CT scan. Her doctor told her that there was nothing to worry about because the scan showed no metastasis (don't know if this is the right word). After calling her general practitioner we received a very different story. There are metastasis in her abdomen, pancreas and small intestants. This means that my parents are on holiday thinking they have another couple of years together. I can only hope they enjoy this to the fullest, because when they come back my sister and me are going to have to tell them the very bad news. What is wrong with doctors? Right now I'm so heartbroken that I am being thorn between anger and total devastation.
I wish all of you who are suffering from this horrible disease and to all of your family and friends who are supporting you the very best. I wish you all tons of strenght to pull through this ordeal.

All the best