Hello everyone.
      First of all , I would like to say God Bless each and everyone of you and your families. My mother was dx w/ CC x 5 weeks ago after feeling a lump on her abdomen near her belly button. Long story short, she went in to get tumor resected and was told it metastasized to her mesentary wall and was givin a poor prognosis and they did not remove the tumor.No organs are involved( thank God) and she has no symptoms. she just finished her 3rd treatment of gemcetabine and feels great.Her blood work is low( wbc,rbc,platelets) but we have her on a great diet(organic foods, multi-vitamins, exercise, low sugar and lots of love, support and prayers)My mother is 63 y/o and is our  life and the glue to my family. I am A 32 y/o son who just loves his mother and reading all your posts gave me a pick me up.I have been depressed and have lost faith. I am havin a tough time and my poor girlfriend has to put up with me( but she has been awesome and supportive). Anyways, I am babbling and just wanted to send out my prayers to you all and tell you to keep your chins up, you truly are an amazing bunch. I am glad i found this site and if anyone has any good advice for me and my family, it would be greatly appreciated. we just love our mom and will fight like heck for her( she has the best attitude by the way). God bless again and good luck!