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Thank you all for your kind words... and yes Joyce our stories are very similar... thank you for sharing.  I too keep re-living those final days and moments.  I hope someday those memories will move on and be replaced with happier times.
I wish you strength Pat as you go through this painful time. 

This week has been particularly difficult for me... we are getting ready to do the Relay for Life here in Vancouver in honour of our mom.  Its helped my sister and I realize how important research is for this and other forms of cancer.  If only there were early detection tests of particular cancer, my mom might still be here today.  We'lll walk proud, celebrate those who've beat this disease, remember those who have passed, and fight for those who still suffer. 

I miss her so much....


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I've stumbled across this forum looking for information regarding cholangiocarcinoma.  I so wish my mother had found this site a few months ago....

We lost my mother on February 20th of this year to this awful disease.  Diagnosed in October '07, her first few months were amazing, and it was almost unbelieveable that she had cancer.  Early in December however, mom came down with a serious blood and urine infection, which started her downward spiral.  After spending 12 days in hospital, we were able to bring her home for Christmas, which both my sister and I knew would be her last one.  She was so sick and weak, however we were able to share some special time together.  After the holiday she went back to her home, but never regained her strength, although remained ever positive about her recovery.  It was not to be.... January 30th she was back in the hospital with yet another blood infection, and the cancer now at stage 4.  We knew the end was near, and did all we could to make sure her last days were comfortable and pain free.  She was finally able to come home on the 15th of February to spend her final days in our house, with me at her side.  We truly believe she found comfort being with her daughters, and was able to leave this world in peace. 

We miss her terribly... I never imagined I would lose my mother this young (me 40, she 66).  My sister and are close, so we do have each other, but there is definitely a void left in our lives. 

Anyway, I hope those who are fighting this disease find a way to win, and I also hope that they and their families are able to find some support through this forum. 

It helps to share with others who have gone through the same pain .