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My husband is on the phase II clinic trial with Bevacizumab and Erlotinib for cc. Is anyone on clinic trial with these two medications? How are you doing with activity,diet and pain?

I'd like to share with you about our experience with cc. My husband-John was diagnosed with cc in Dec 2007. We went to Mayo Clinic with depressed news-unresectable and no radiation because tumor attached to main vein and artery. Chemotherapy was only recommended for now. We came home and went to our university hospital. Doctors in liver transplant clinic reviewed CT scan and MRI and also denied surgery and radiation. We saw a Oncolgist and he offered the phase II clinic trial. After one round treatment (8weeks), CT scan showed liver tumor 25% decreased.
So far, we are happy with the treatment. But John has a few problems contiuned, like his weight done, poor appetite, bloating after eating, and abdminal pain.