Hi, Jeff,

Thanks so much for your response. Nine years offers a beacon of hope.
It is such a help to know we are not alone in this fight.


Hello to all. I am glad to find this site - this is a frightening cancer.

My husband has a long history of PSC - primary sclerosing cholangitis,
which I'm sure most of you know is an autoimmune disease of the bile
ducts. The whole time, though, he has been asymptomatic, and has enjoyed
a normal life, including working and running.

Fast track to two years ago. A routine scan of his liver showed that
his gall bladder looked odd. On removal, they found gallbladder cancer.
Surgeons went back in for a partial liver resection, followed by nine months of chemo (Gemzar and Xelota) and radiation.  Throughout it all, he was
able to work.

That nightmare seemed to have passed until last October when his CA19-9 started rising. A tumor in the liver showed up on a CAT scan last month. This past  Monday, they tried a liver resection, but on opening him up found the
CC cancer had spread to the lymph nodes, so they did nothing - just
stapled him back together and said chemo offers the best chance
of prolonging life.

So that's where we are. It is surreal - two days before surgery, my
husband ran 8 miles, and now this. 

My heart goes out to everyone on this list facing similar situations.
This is quite a curve ball.

Best to all.