One week after the whipple! My mom is doing well, the only cancer was in the bile duct.  According to the reports she is clear in ever other organ.  She is in the hospital still and a wee bit drugged up but doing well.  She was not afraid and remains pissed but strong! Right before she went in she told us she was in Gods hands and gave it over, all her fear and anxiety.  Thanks you all for the good thoughts and prayers, i think they really do help.  I think of this group all the time and I pray for peace for us all.  I am not sure if they will do chemo, but I am grateful for today

Thank your for your kind words, she is still very angry, but I understand this is how she has to deal with it.  She did let me talk to her surgeon who is doing a whipple next week and I now have more information.  I think I have read everything on this site and the internet. This site has been the most helpful though, thanks to everyone

My mother was just givent he news last week that her blockcge n he rbile duct was ciner, she has stint that was put in to relieve the back up and help the jaundice.  She is a stron ghealthy woman who is scared out of her mind, as anyone woul dbe and right now we all are.  Her way of dealing is not getting any infomation and asking me not to tell her anything i have learned about her condiciton.  I want her to ask the right questions and understand the infomation but niether she or my father are willing to dea lwith it just yet.  I understand the fear and respect it, but not being there in meetings with doctors i am nevous that my parents will miss some details or important info or even worse become so upset at the appoitment when the doctor explains it all that they lose faith.  I am just looking for any advice on how to help my family right now. They are upset with me for trying dong research and i don't want to upset them, but it is the only thing i can do right now.