we are investigating the alternativ traphies for my aunt 57.. she had the surgery 2 weeks ago and the pathology showed that it is cholangiocarsinoma... We were socked becaouse we had a close friend having the same type...
we lost him this morning.. He was late when he learned about it he was about the last stage..
we are thinking to go to china to tongren hospital for the treatment gendicine and the other methods and we will take the first 2 months cemo there.. becouse thay can do the gendicine with cemo.. No side effects..and other methods such as hifu as well.. Nothing to loose for us.. becouse we know that the cancer is going to come back.. and there is not a fix method for this type of cancer...

I will share everything i learned about this tretament.But you can all search the web side..
the name of the hospital is tongren hospital
take care all..
and if anyone knows anything about this pls let me know

take care all

you can check the web site www.sibiono.com
I think this kind of cancer does not have a fix treatment..And as far as i know who has cholangia are very few amount of people..2 people in 100.000... we have a friend who we lost from this type just this morning altough they tried everything,all the cemos and treatments..We were socked when learned about my aunt 57 2 weeks ago..has the same type.. luckliy we had the surgery..19 tumors in the left part..the dr.had taken the half of the liver..the pathology shows that there is no metastas so far.. but we know that thşs does not mean it is gone.. we know it is going to come back..so start to investigate..
That is how we found about the tongren hospital..Now send our reports and get the answers.. They are doing well on many types like %64 recovery.. but he had only 2 carsinoma so far altough he is an liver specialist.And he wrote he was succesful on that 2.. They have got other methods other than gendicine..And we can go on cemo as well.. so there is nothing to loosee for us.. there is no side efects of gendicine.
if you have a big tumor tha can not be operated than they use a way called hifu as well that makes the tomur smaller which our friend tried before..And his 9 cm tumor was 4 cam after the treatment.. But he did not know about this gendicine.he just treid the hifu..
But he was on the last stage when he went to china.. after all the cemos here.. So we dont want to wait that long .. as my aunt is in better condition now at least she is in the 2 nd stage ..
i will share everything here.. and i am so glad to find a forum about this..
take care

i have found the website www.sibiono.com

hi jules
my aunt has a surgery last week and the pathology was cholangiocarcinoma.. which many doctors said that there is nothinh much to do about it.. we have to try the cemo but it is not a solution as well..Than we start searching and found about this treatment in china.It is about the gen thearpy and effective on many cancer types.And the doctor who found about this is specialist on liver.it is about the p53 gen.We have send our reports to him and he replied that we can go.. and we are on the 2nd stage and we dont have any metastas so far.. so we will definatly ty this.You can take this treatment with cemo.. so dont have anything to loose..and if you have a tumor there is a method hifu which makes the tumor smaller.. One of our friends tried that and the 9 cm.tumor was 4 cm after the hifu.. So they make this treatment with so many other alternatives including cemo if needed..
You can search and get more information about this on internet searching gendicine.. and tongren hospital.. The name of the doctor is Dr.Qi Xiaodong e mail zhongliu@trhos.com

Ofcourse the onkologs dont accept this treatment but it is very common in china now in 130 hospitals.. and the china goverment is supporting this treatment and do not let this go out of the country..It takes 8 weeks ,one injection every week.. Donot have side effects at all .. and it is about 20.000 usd.including everything..

Worth to try for us.. if i learn more i will let you know..
take care

we are searching a method in china.Prof: Qi Xiaodong
e mail is zhongliu@trhos.com

It is about the gen p53.. they can stop the cancer they believe %64 of the patients recovered.
We have send our reports to that hospital and today i got the answer they are waiting for us...

There is the dr.Qui Niu he is liver cancer specialist.They are using a medicene Gendicine.Still thinking about it,anybody knows anything please replay to me..

Thank you..

i want to learn if anybody knows anything about the treatment in china?Tongren hospital.

We are searching this.. we have sent our reports and waiting for the answer