Has anyone tried Ozone therapy for CC?

I met a girl recently who was suffering from MesoThelomia and doctors had given her about 6-12 months and said nothing could be done. She underwent 4 months of nutirtion + a regimen on Ozone therapy. Miraculously she is pretty much cured and has no cancer traces left at the moment.

I am giving this a serious look for my mother-in-law. Does anyone have any experience / knowledge of this working with CC?

My mom-in-law is suffering with CC. Here is a quick summary:
- Diagnosed late March,
- Underwent a failed surgical attempt in May, said tumor was unresectable and chemo/radiation are the way to go. Doc supposedly put in a bile duct bypass to connect duct from liver to the intestine
- Recovery in June
- One external drain put in through her rib-cage to drain out the absyss that was collecting post surgery (was in hospital for 9 days)
- That drain eventually dried up and she started getting jaundiced again
- They put a second external drain (one end on the outside, the other end gping through the liver to the BD to the intestine) about 15 days back
- Last week they closed both drains and removed the external bags

So far chemo or any treatment has not started since the oncologist says she is waiting for a green signal from the surgeon as to when he thinks bile management is under control. Last we checked, her biliruben was 116.

Question I have is what is the target bili level before which they can start chemo safely?

We are concerned that the cancer may be spreading but we have not even started any treatment after almost 4 months after it was originally diagnosed.

(Treatment is being done in Toronto General Hospotal and oncologist in in Princess Margeret Hospital)

did they explain why they could not operate. and what stage did they say his CC was at? thanks for the replies, i will get in touch with both doctors.

the unfortunate part of our case is that the doc who operated is totally missing in action and refusing to even respond after multiple phone calls, messages with his secretary..mom is again in emergency due to some infection but this guy is no where to be found

I tried to look up Dr. Cleary but cannot find him online at PMH's web site. I will try his number tomorrow. What is his speciality?

My mom was diagnosed with Bild Duct Cancer a few weeks back; She lives in Toronto and was going to Toronto General Hospital. They did the CT Scans, MRI, Liver Function Tests, Blood tests and were still not sure to the extent of the cancer. because he rbilirubin count was fine, and she did not really have jaundice, and some blood reports were also okay. MRI was suspicious though.

They Referred to a Liver Transplant surgeon in the same hospital, who then did another MRI and CT scan and after much back n forth on next steps, decided that they were going to do the surgery and take a part of the liver out. We were of course hopeful since surgery seems to be the best course for this anyways.

They did the surgery, spent 4 hours and then the doc came and told us that they decided they could not do much surgically. The doc came and told us the tumor had spread to a couple of lymph nodes, and was in the bile duct right through to the head of the pancreas. So they did not do ANYthing, just tied her up and back to square 1. Interestingly enough, the doc who performed the surgery did not show up even once after the surgery to see my mom in person. A couple of his team mates came by but they were somewhat junior in my mind, and could not provide a lot of detailed explanation. One of them has actually given a written report that indicates he felt that the surgery could have been done, but the senior lead surgeon decided not to go ahead. Anyways, the whole thing seems a little strange since they refused to do a PET Scan, did a complete 4 hour exploratory surgery with no results, and the docs in the same team have a difference of opinion on what should and could have been done.

I am trying to pursue the option of getting a second opinion at Johns Hopkins because I am not sure how latest and current are the docs in Toronto. Any one has any experience with TGH? Also, if this surgery was not done, and Johns Hopkins does recommend a surgery - could she really go through a second surgery in a few weeks? Or now that this surgical attempt has already been made, is her only option chemo/radioation? And finally, since they are not US citizens and have no medical insurance in the US - are there any programs for Financial aid for patients in their situation?