Chris' doctors at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, which are also the liver transplant team, when they diagnosed Chris told us that many times CC is the end result of Crohns. They did not said Crohns caused the CC just most of the CC people are also Crohns sufferers.
Everyone thanks for the wonderful welcome

My son Chris passed away Jan 2nd 2005 with this awful cancer he was 31 years old and just married 16 months. After dealing with Crohn's disease from the age of 14, which we thought was the worst at the time, he was diagnosed with cancer. We were told he had "months" not exactly how many, just months. We learned later they thought less than 6. Chris & I found the Cancer Treatment Center which gave him 14 months. Chris & his wife Nikki lived with me until Chris passed.
My thoughts, love & prayers are with EVERYONE dealing with this disease. It does not get easier, ever.
I come here to share with people who know the pain from both sides.