Hi Carol,
     Lowes must be the place to be my husband and I are gutting our entire 1st floor and end up there5 or 6 times a week. I remember the xeloda, I was taking zofran at same time prior to each radiation treatment, it made me nausea every once in a while but nothing big the radiation is what tired me so. However, the strangest thing I got extremly ill the first 3 days without it. I mean sicker than I had ever been, the works I really got scared and it lasted 3days and scared the daylights out of me. Goodluck, I'll keep you and yours n my prayers.    Sarah d

Thanks Jeff and North Jersey is beautiful at that time of year and usually the temp is just right ( even for those of us whose bodies don't know whether to shake or sweat) just bring your warm socks. I have an aunt and uncle up there too, Let me know when it gets closer maybe our families could get together... talk to ya soon...Sarah

Hello John,
    I am so very sorry to hear about your dad and can understand your fear and frustration. Were stents ever mentioned? I had 2 placed when my billi was 13, because they wouldn't do surgery with it that high. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.  Sarah

Thanks Marion, you are right it does just need to take its course. I've been given migraine meds that did no good and I don't always get a headach and its never bad. I didn't start till after my surgery and I am not on any meds so it cant be a reaction. I've tracked it though and stress and dehydration seem to play a part.  Thank you so much for your input,  Its nice to know that someone knows what I'm talking about.


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Hi Jean,
    I know how scared you are, believe me I just found this site and i have found comfort already. I was 40 when i was dx. I itched for 3 weeks and was misdiagnoes 2x first with an allergic reaction second with hep a!! by the 3rd time I went to the emergency room I was so weak I could barely walk and I was more yellow than mustard. My billi was over 13 (It should be 1) and they had to but an emergency stent in at 3am to drain the bile. I was there over two weeks and was told surgery was too dangerous and I probably had about 6 months. I thought that cant be I have a 15y/o and a 10y/o that need their mom. My gi doc god bless them didn't except the surgeon dx and sent me to Jefferson in Phila. MY wonderful surgeons resected and reconnedt my common bile duct and removed my gallbladder. I did radation and chemo at the same time.
     That was in 2005 I still get scans and b/w every 6 months and am still  scared to death everytime. my famly has no history of cancer and ive never even had heartburn before this, i also very rarely drink and never smoked.
     There is no understanding cancer. I make a memory every day with my husband and daughters. I had so many regrets and wish i hads when I was in the hosp that when i was feeling better i decided NO REGRETs and do my best to live that way. But I still have moments at odd times where I can just burst out crying and get overwelmed with the thougt of  not being here for my girls.  It is scarry and you have a right to be scared just don't let it control your life. The 1st person to email me from this site was jeff and he has a great point of view and a comforting way of saying things.
     Read what people write and chat with them, post questions if you have them i know i will. there is comfort in this place.
   I will keep you and yours in my prayers as I will with everyone I have read about here. You can email or post me anytime. I do understand your feelings and will help in anyway I can.   Sarah


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I so agree with you, my sister bought me a book on the right supplements and veggies to eat to keep the cancer away. I didn't get cancer because I didn't eat enough greens or take enough vitamins and telling me not to worry they "cut it out" doesn't help. Does "living with cancer" mean anything to people. there is no "quick" cure

I was just wondering if anyone else has experience this, my doctors told me it's migraine but I never really have a bad headach. It usually happens at night I wake up shaking, my whole body. I'm freezing no matter what the temp it lasts 1 -3 hours, I end up with a heated blanket wearing my bathrobe socks and extra blankets, then I finally fall back to sleep and wake up sweating, I'm usually very weak from this and If its a work day (I'm a nurse) I call out because I'm too tired and weak to work. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be from chemo or radiation or from the CC itself?

Hi everyone, I'm really glad I found this site. It's really awful not having anyone to talk to about this cancer I know there are all kinds of support and help groups for breast, brain, prostate and so many other cancers but never anything bout this one. It really makes you feel so alone. I thought the closer I'd get to 5 years post the better I'd feel, but I'm getting more and more scared everyday. I feel like I'm waiting for a time bomb to go off inside me and times running out. Crazy huh?