Thank you all for the suggestions, my brother is tolerating the protein shakes and even eating a little regular food off and on. 
He had to have another biopsy last week as a spot showed up on his PET scan in his clavical area.  The biopsied a lymph node and have told him the cancer as metasized, he ended up in hospital yesterday with a collapsed lung from that procedure, but is doing good today and expected to come home later on.
They are saying surgery is not an option at this time and he is supposed to meeting with oncologist to start chemical treatments with possiblity of having surgery down the line.
His mood is down more often that up these days, but he says now he is going to fight, I sincerly hope that he stays in that mind frame and doesn't lose hope.
Have any of you or your loved ones been put on antidrepressents to help with the depression???, that comes with any cancer diagnosis. He isn't on anything and I think he should be.
Thank you all again for you help and suggestions. God Bless you and your family's.

Thanks, Jeff  Every little bit of information helps


My brother was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. He is having testing today to see if he can withstand surgery, which they have tentativly set for July 1.
He is no appetite and living on liquids. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what types of nutrional drinks that would be the best for him to increase his strength and immune system?

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi, my name is Patti
My brother was diagnosed last week with bile duct cancer, he was sent to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY to meet with a team of doctors. They did another ct scan and now are saying spots have shown up on the lung, liver and pancreas which were not there as of last weeks scan.
The transplant docter said there is a POSSIBILITY that they could do resection surgery, but before this can be done they  want him to have another echocardiogram and Petscan to make sure he could withstand the surgery. They have scheduled this for next week.  The doctor stated that if he does do the surgery there is the possiblity he will get in there and find he can't even touch the tumor ON the bile duct.
I have done a lot of research on this cancer in the past week, an am assuming they are talking of the surgical procedure called the Whipple.

Does anyone know anything about Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY as being one of the more qualified hospitals to treat this disease? Or should he be somwhere else?

I don't know at this time what stage they have listed him in, but believe with his symptons that presented and the test they have done so far it would be at least a stage 3 if not 4. Does anyone know if at  these stages what type of prognosis he may be looking at? Would much appreciate any thing you can tell me to research or to tell him to ask doctors.

Thank you