Hi I am new to the site but my stepdad is dealing with cc that has come back with a vengeance back i the liver, stomach, chest wall cavity, and multiple lymph nodes.  I truly hope the best for you all and if it is confined that they can stop it.  I did want to ask if you are famiiar with a Dr. Canady in PA?  I had read about him and sent him an e-mail on Friday afternoon and he called me on Saturday.  I saw his info on the research section.  I already lost my dad to colon cancer and I am not ready to lose my step dad to this terrible disease. I just wanted to ask if you had heard of this Dr?



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Thank you Iris that is so very true and so very encouraging.  It is always good to hear that people have lived longer than what they were told.  My step dad doesn't want to know his time frame because he doesn't want it to be that way.  He wants to continue on golfing, going places and enjoying my mom and his famly and he says he knows his body.  Thanks again for the encouraging words and I hope your husband is doing well.


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Thank you so much for the quick response.  The scary part is everything had held it's own for almost 2 years and then bam it came back in the liver, appreared in the chest wall cavity and the entire stomach area as well as multiple lymph nodes in the stomach area.  You mention stints and is bile draining I am not sure what that means.  I guess I wonder once it starts spreading as this has how quick it continues?


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Hi everyone!!!  I use to read on this forum very frequently when my step dad was diagnosed with cc 2 years ago.  They removed 70% of his liver and he underwent some chemo and was doing very well until a little over a year ago the oncologist said the scan showed lots and lots of lymp nodes and we should let nature take it's course.  We then moved to a different oncologist at the Markey Cancer Center who couldn't believe how wonderful he looked and how active he was golfing, working out and this is a 70 year old man who is just full of life.  He said there was nothing wrong and he didn't need any treatment right now.  Everything looked great for what he had.  Several months later a few lymph nodes did look larger in the neck and they did radiation and then some in the stomach and more radiation and then everything looked good again and said he would see him back in 4 months.  After this scan now the cancer is back in the liver, the entire chest wall cavity, stomach and mulitiple lymph nodes.  The doc says that most people at the point decide not to do any treatment and enjoy the time they have left that the chemos that are left to try there are only a 30% chance they will prolong his life and will make him very very sick. 

My dad died of colon cancer almost 10 years ago and he only lasted with us 8 months because his was so advanced they couldn't even budge the tumors. 

This is just so hard on my mom and my family that these two were able to find each other and now he is going to be taken away from her from this awful disease. 

Has anyone had the same situation and had any help at this point?  What start to happen?  The thing is he is still playing gold, and looks wonderful.  The bad thing is he can't eat much and is getting tired a lot more easy.  Starting to looking a little jaundice maybe.