My Mum had vomiting off and on for the last 3 months of her life.  She was on IV drugs for the nausea and vomiting.  For the last two weeks she was not able to even try any food, and was still being sick even though she had not eaten at all.


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jmoneypenny that sounds like my Mum too - she was 64 and was diagnosed on 6 May this year, and passed away on 3 August.  I'm 34 and feel just too young to have lost my Mum.


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Hi Mark

What your Mom is going through is the same as what mine suffered.  My Mum was diagnosed after the jaundice appeared and tests were carried out, and although she was able to have a stent which cured the jaundice she was never able to properly eat again.   Sadly she lost her battle a few weeks ago.  We too were at a loss at what to do and where to turn, all I can say is take heart in knowing that many of us understand what you are going through.

Hi all

Well an update to my post in July, sadly Mum passed away early August.  Although she did improve slightly for a week or so the cancer was just too aggressive and she lost her battle.  It was a total shock that within 3 months of her diagnosis she was gone, but we found out that the cancer had spread to quite a few organs so it sounded like she didn't really have a chance.

Just wanted to say thanks for the help this website gave me, and to those of you affected by this disease I pray for you and your families.

Thank you Joyce, it helps to know others understand.


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My Mother is having the very same problems, she was diagnosed 2 months ago and since surgery she has been unable to eat due to the constant vomiting.

My Mother has recently been diagnosed, until that time she always was the picture of health.  Over a few days she noticed the tell tale signs of jaundice, and went to see her local doctor.  She though it was gallstones.  Mum felt fine, and never in a million years ever expected cancer.

Hi everyone

My Mother was diagnosed with CC early May this year.  She was able to have surgery to remove the tumour but during surgery further cancer deposits were located in her abdominal tissue.

Since the surgery I think she had all of a week feeling well, but has gone downhill very quickly and now is unable to eat.  If she does manage to eat a few small bites she ends up vomiting within 2-4 hours. 

Sadly now she refuses to eat and is getting very angry with anyone who tries to encourage her to try some food.  She is also not taking her medication at times, and seems to have completely lost her will.

My Father is caring for her almost 24/7 now, as she rarely leaves her bed.  Dad has said that she has unfortunately had a few 'accidents' in bed and this I believe to mean that she is seriously unwell as this is so unlike my Mum.  She is refusing visitors, and has been very snappy and grumpy towards Dad.

I'm terribly frightened by what is happening to her, I live in Australia and my parents are in New Zealand so I don't know what is happening day to day.  I was over to see her just prior to the surgery but I have very little money although I wish I could go over more often.   A nurse and a hospice worker visit Mum nearly every day to help care for her and to assist Dad wherever possible.

It's been under 2 months since Mum's initial diagnosis, and I'm shocked her health has declined so rapidly.  Mum is 64.

Thanks for reading, sometimes it helps just to write things down.