Hi my name is April, even though we know nothing about one another, I am so happy for your husband. Did your husband have bile duct and liver cancer? That is what my mother has. She was also told she was not a candidate for a resection.  your help would be greatly appreciated


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Hello everyone, I am new to the board and I love it already.  My mother has Bile duct/liver cancer and she was told in december of 2006 that she would only live 4-5 months. She is still here.  I went to stay with her last summer and got her a second opinion @ Barnes Jewish Hospital in St Louis, Mo.  She has responded well to chemo and radiation. her ca 19-9 numbers went down, but I think there are elevating again. she was told by her oncologist that she looks better than she did when she first started going in june 2007. they also told her they wonder if she really has the carcinoma, then i wondered if they said that because she got a poor prognosis when she first started going but is still alive.  I really need help because I have heard and read people on this discussion board and others about people being turned down for resection and then going other places having them done.

Please help, thank you.