Hi.... glad to have found this site. I'm just learning how to spell this crazy cancer..... My mom has just recovered from a failed surgery (they opened her up and found it had already spread throughout her liver) and started her first round of chemo. I visited with her this weekend and found her to be incredibly tired, no appetite, terribly constipated, short of breath and developing a dry cough. This is way sicker then she's been since January when she started having a dull ache in her side. I can't tell if these are symptoms of the cancer or of the stress of diagnosis or of the chemo. Any thoughts on what is causing what?

Other types of cancer have already killed two of her sisters, so we know how bad it can get. She's been given a poor prognosis--months (though she won't tell me how many.) Can people really survive cholangiocarcinoma for years?!!!? Is it worth it to fight it with chemo, if they say it can't cure anything?! Any hope?

Any feedback welcome, philosophical, practical or otherwise.