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...yes, the chemo has helped somewhat.  I guess he wouldnt have made it this far if he wasnt getting it.
Tomorrow he gets an ultrasound on his kidneys...my mom told me they were gonna discuss not continuing the chemo.

My dad will be 70 in October of this year.
His mom died of liver cancer.

I've been having trouble elaborating on things here cuz I end up bawling and I cant friggin see to type.

In May, on Mothers Day of 07, my mom informed us she had bladder cancer.
She did the bcg treatments and they didnt work. She went under an intense 10 hour operation to remove her bladder, build her a new one out of intestine and make her a stoma in her side.
During her month long recovery in the hospital is when my dad started having stomach pains.
I just thought it was ulcers.
It was the cancer...and it was already advanced.
The docs out at Madigan told him the same thing the docs at a non-military hospital told him....6 months to 2 years.

So both my parents in the same year...???? Are you kidding me?????

My mom seems to be on the mend. All of her scans have been coming out clean and she just got her port removed.

My dad is just going downhill so fast....he wants a new truck....he wants a new truck to drive around during these last days.
Well, my mom will have no income when he is gone...or not much of one.
So what is she s'posed to do with a big ol' truck payment..???  But how do we tell him no, you cant get one???

There is just so much happening right now.
He's thinking about now and she is thinking of the future.....

I will say their faith in God is strong...

I dunno....I almost just want this to be all over with....but I dont wanna lose my dad...at least not like this......


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...only 3 weeks ago? How long from when he was diagnosed till he passed? I know this is coming for me....


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The tumor on his liver is 8 centimeters. There are spots on his lungs and kidneys.
They gave him 6 months to 2 years this past December.
He went for his 'new' chemo today and they couldnt do it cuz his blood count was low and they said his kidneys are in failure.

He's not abusing anyone or anything.
His bad decision making is letting other people write his checks when he goes to pay for things.
He is not mental.

The chemo has screwed with his eyes so his driving skills have worsened.

He was in the marines for 7 years. He was honorably discharged when he broke his knee playing football for them.

I dont know what I was looking for when I posted here.
I have no frigging clue...hope maybe......


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...this cholangiocarcinoma.
In December of 07, they gave him 6 months to 2 years. He has been doing chemo since then.
They just told him the tumor on his liver has grown one centimeter. They have now started him on a new drug, erbitrux. His doc says if this doesnt show signs of improvement, they will send him to Seattle to the big cnacer hospital. He is going to Madigan right now, military.

So....is there any chance for him to live longer? Any chance at all? Has anyone been this far gone and come back?

He is different also....making some bad choices, just in life. Like letting other people write out checks in stores, etc cuz he says he cant see.

This has wreaked havoc on my family, mom especially.

Any advice??????