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I have wondered the same thing.  But it has been over 1 year for me and despite many days of thinking I would not get through it, I have.  I don't know what surprises wait for me tomorrow but I hope they are good ones!  I have days that aren't so good mentally or physically.  I think we should be allowed to have those days.  What we have stinks.  I try not to let those days stretch on for too many in a row but with mixed success.  I try hard to remember that I have today. When I was first given my diagnosis, they told me is was very possible I would not see last Christmas. I hope Dr. Kauh has something positive for you.


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Hi Jenn.  I hope treatment is successful.  You have my best.


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Thanks for the encouragement.  I work 40 plus a week although it is very difficult now.  I feel I can't slow down for fear of losing my job which of course would mean losing health insurance.  I would have a hard time getting another job becuase I could never pass the preemployement physical. It is sad to mean that I have to calculate these things into my decisions but that is reality.  Many people make a lot of hard decisions based on insurance (or lack of) and work issues.  I try to not be resentful towards my employer because it is not their fault or issue but sometimes I could really use a break but I know better than to ask. Do any of you face similar work issues?


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My sister just found this site for me.  I was diagnosed May 9 2007 and had 80% of my liver removed on Jun 4 2007 with vein bypass. I am blessed to have the most supportive husband (we got married June 2, 2007!)  daughter, 22 years old, mother and 2 sisters in the world but have never felt so alone in my life.  I have been reading on this site for 2 days and crying for 2 days.  Most of it happy tears that I am no longer alone and I admit my share of sad tears as well as not all ends well for everyone which of course I was already acutely aware of.  I am 46 years old now.  I am having a lot of rib pain and nausea but just had a CT scan which showed  no recurrence to the liver and very small unexplained new spot on my lung.  The doctor wanted to order a PET scan but ins. has denied it.  Frankly I don't even know if the pain is real (it certainly feels real) or not.  I am so worried about recurrence and I have lost all faith in my body since it certainly threw me a zinger with the original diagnosis. Thank you for everone that belongs to this site.  Words can not explain what this means to me.