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I'm glad I found this forum and know that we are not the only ones dealing with this
cancer. I'd like to ask a couple of additional questions. How long does a stent usually last? If we start seeing signs of jaundice does that mean that the stent is just blocked or is it a sign that the cancer is progressing ? Also at the time when the stent was inserted they did remove 3 stones, but it does not look like they did a biopsy because
there was no pathologist report . All the doctor's discharge report said was that it was
likely CC and the prognosis was poor. Should a biopsy have been done and should I request one be done ? I know I am asking a lot of questions but I am having trouble getting any answers from the doctor. Any help would be appreciated.



(4 replies, posted in Introductions!)

My mother was  diagnosed with this disease on December 1, 2006. We were told that she had less than three months to live as she is too old  (89) for surgery or radiation.
We live in Toronto and we have already set up palliative care.  I will provide more information later but I do have an initial question. At the time of diagnosis a stent was put in to reduce the jaundice which seems to be working. My question is since than  my mom has had none of the symptoms of the cancer.  Is this a short term thing or  is this something we should be encouraged with. Any reply would be appreciated as this is new to us as I am sure it is new to  a lot of people.