Thanks for everyones help. The good news is that we have been in contact with prof lodge at leeds in the uk. We sent all the scans and reports to him and he hasn't ruled out surgery saying he thinks he can do something.

My mothers health is very well at the moment and she hasn't had any real side effects from Gemzar which is good. Prof lodge wants to wait for the 3 months of chemo to finish then we will have another scan done.

We hope and wait.

Thanks for all you comments. My mother has just started her chemo (Gemzar) and the doctors will do another ct scan in 3 months to see if it's shrunk enough to operate.

We are still seeking out some surgeons around the world to see if anyone will be willing to operate. Dr canady has said it's possible but only by what he calls an aggressive surgeon. Dr canady needs to see a 3d imaging scan first so we are also seeking out were this can be done?

It seems everyone has different opinions. Im really confused over the whole situation.

Hello all.

My mothers starts her chemo in about 5 days and im reading mixed reviews about chemo treatment for this type of cancer?

The NHS have no clinical trials to offer us and after contacting germany about my mothers cancer they said Radiotherapy would be the best way to go?

Im really confused now. Her bile ducts are effected and part of the liver. She's been told she has only 6-9 months to live?

Any experiances or clincs that anyone can recommend??

Please help.

Hello Everyone.

My mum has recently been diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma and here in the UK the NHS has given us very little hope? Infact we have been told she will have anywhere between 6-9 months to live with chemo. The cancer is said to have started in the bile ducts and is now effecting all 3 hepatic valves in the liver. Her liver function is normal at this stage and she feels perfectly healthy.

Here in the UK there is alot speculations about the national health system so we decided to seek other opinions. After alot of research we came across Dr Canady's work and quickly found out that he had saved alot of people. We are currently in talks with him at the moment and he has been very helpful.

At this stage we are trying to locate somewhere that can do 3D MRI scan in the UK but we are struggling to find anywhere?

Does anyone have any advice or experiances? We are also looking at private health clinics like the London Oncology Clinic.... If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated!!!