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praying for you Jeff..

AGain thank you all for your words of wisdom, scriptures and prayers. My husband will go on the 27th to meet the team of docs doing the surgery and recontruction..then they will schedule the surgery and after back to our home town for another team of docs for treatment of both radiation and chemo..i find humor in everything...so I told my husband..we were in a race to see who out lives the other.... one thing about it ..it will keep the fighting spirit in both of us...for we have too much to live for....God is so good.
thanks to all again...lissa

wow.. thank all of you for all the kind words prayers and scriptures..I had my time alone with my Lord and was reminded again that He is in control.with that said..God wants us to uplift one another and that  is exactly what you all have done... so sweet so kind so  selfless of you all with you all are fighting too..although i don't know you all on a personal level i feel i have a whole new set of friend...this makes my heart full and my spirits lifted...thank you all and bless each of you...lissa

Thank you all for your words..I am a fighter and i will continue  and with God on my side well I am already a step a head .The deep breathes really help.But most of all the prayers and the kind words make a heart full.thanks ya'll... smile

Hey to anyone and everyone.I am new to the site,so I really am not sure if this is the right thing to post but I feel I need to.
I am living with CC and have been since nov.16 of 2007.WE just found out
today that my husband has mouth cancer.He will be having surgery recontruction and treatments started asap..His doctors are very optimistic and feel he will see "cure" at the end of all this.I just need support and prayers as we are only 46 and 45 years old and both now fighting the cancer monster..with three girls 24 22 16  and a grandbaby  5 months and lots of family and friends we have a lot to fight for and to be thankful for..please just pray God will use my husbands journey for the good as I feel He has already used my journey with cc for good...thanks to whoever has read this and please just pray..


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I do the almost the same things..I set goals..my daughter graduates in two years..a baby on the way  in our family one in jan. one in may..  There is my grandbaby who will need me when she starts school in 4 years...so I keep on going  I do short term-long term.i just keep living as if I were totally well..don't give in or give up ..God is on our side...

marions.....opps sorry i am so new at this..call my face really red!!!! but oh well i had fun....thanks for the info..how many more times have i made this mistake i wonder now!! goes right along with my dippy personality....if you knew me you would say as those who know me say..."we love her anyway"
again opps

Ron and Jeff
Thank you both for those words of wisdom..i knew the answer i guess. It is just always nice to know and share with someone who knows what i am going through..So I can continue loving my grandbaby and taking my walks etc...oh and believe me when my little sweet thing naps..I rest too..she is only five months and is a full days work..lol...and has for house keeping..well Ron I have to say i consider it a work out here these days...I do a simple task and my ole body just is not what it use to be...I guess  am thinking i was all in shape before the cc or something..who am I kidding!!!!
Thanks again guys for your words ..

I would like to know how important staying active is.I  had to quit work, doctors orders..but however five months later my grandbaby was born.She and her mom live here with us and i keep her during the day for my daughter to go to  a career college . I am up and moving alot and love it. I don't have a routine workout or anything..I do get my rest at night, except the day of treatment ..the steroids really keep my up the first night. Is better that I stay active and moving and not be sitting around all the time? I am a fighter and HATE the Bed these days ..feel like I am wasting time..But don't want to over do myself..I usually go by my gut...and most the time my gut says move girly move...:)

Hi geoff
I too changed my diet to high fiber low fats and no diary and started drinking soy milk because I love cereal.I started slow as suggested by Kathy .I am no training just did a lot of reading, etc..I have to say I usually have a elimination at least once a day..I find when i am taking treatment it slows the process but all in all I do fine.i don't drink smoothies but think i am going to add that in..I am not a big fruit eater...matter of fact I was a horrible eatere before..now i am learning more and more what is good for the liver. and try to eat those types of food...veggies,(preferbly raw) fruits any thing green.. onion tomatoes...etc...all kinds of things.. and as you said NO DAIRY one of the things i loved the most but could care less as long as i am better..oh and lots of juice made with 100 % juice..but as i said i am not a expert...just a mom trying to stay healthy as i can while fighting this cc

Thank you so much.I don't question (i guess) my treatment because it is doing so well and I thank God.I have found by being on this site , that I haven't met anyone yet who is doing the same treatment as I. Thanks for the info. I am very pleased..and am very blessed.


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Lisa so glad to hear the good news stay strong and hang in
PRise the Lord

hi jeff:I drink the grape juice full of vit C too.I try avoid dairy all together.Ilove cereal so I drink soy milk. I was wondering if you know of any one else that is strickly on Gemzar with nothing else.That is the treament I get.I do a round,which is once a week for 2 weeks, then get a 1to 3 week break do another round(2 more weeks) then usually scan and then start all over.No ill effects from the chemo.I eat high fiber low fat and eat small and often.I have had a 5 pound weight loss and it goes up and down..I guess I am just asking is there any one else that has no other type of treatment..I am blessed I know and do not question, but I would love to hear from someone has the same treatment.I am not even sure what type cc i have or if there are different types..I am sooooo not medicallly minded.I don't ask a lot questions as long as things are going well and asI have always told everybody...God is the one in control and keeping me here...I was diagnosed 11-16-07 and was given 4 months...well here I am almost a year later and doing great..PRaise God is all i say and praise Him for giving doctors to us to help us.


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Mary Anne
Thank you so much.I have heard about Gemzar and the blood counts, so far I have not had any of this..I have been so blessed...Sounds like Joe is blessed too.Its always good to hear sucess stories. As for me I had treatment today and blood counts were all great!! God is good. Lissa

Hi Fathers Daughter,
I too have the shoulder pain and sometimes in the back.I was told it is referred pain from the tumor.I take oxycondon and it too make me hyper and talkative.So far I only take a dose in the morining and another at night.I don't think I could handle it every four to six hours.I would climb the walls..I find taking hot soaks to help and have some one to  rub my back and shoulders when needed ..I went for a massage but that was a bit too much and I suffered from it..I think they were too hard on me.Any way  tell  your father to hand in and keep fighting...

Lissa Spears


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Never give up hope.The doctor himself told me to go home and put my affairs in order..he was nice about it, but still.That was Nov. 16th 2008 and he gave me four months..HEre it is nine months later.and I honestly do not give the medicine or the doctors the credit..I give God the glory because He is the one who chooses our "time" here..So you hang in there con't to seek other opinions and purpose in your heart that you are allowing God to "run" the show..He can do all things...
I thank God every day for the doctor and the chemo [Gemzar] that I am given, but it is HE who  is the true healer..I will pray for you all and know it is the fight in your mom that will keep her going.

Lissa Spears


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HI I am living with CC and found through my own "study" so to speak that sugar intake is not healthy for the liver.I am not a sweet eater by nature.I have however had days where I can't seem to get enough sweets.I control my graving, because as Jeff said, it is harder for a diseased liver to break down the sugar.I choose to live on a high fiber low fat diet along with many foods that I read are good for the liver..My cancer is in stage 4 as I am told, but I find myself feeling great when I follow the diet as well as not eating too much at one sitting and eating more often.Look in your local book stores.THere are many books on the liver and what is good for it!!BUT above all,I truly allow the LOrd to direct me and I keep a great attitude spirit and try to follow the diet. Seems when I waver I don''t feel as well.Tried a steak one night...took two weeks to get over that one...from now on it, fish and small amounts of chicken..anything that is hard on the breaking down process I avoid..oh and dairy products....loved milk and cheese and now no longer can handle them..
Does any one else have some eating tips..let me know

lissa spears


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thanks Marion for your kind words and I am so glad to have found this site,as i have said,I am new to the whole CC life with or without it..So as I live with this...it is always nice to know I have someone who knows just how I feel from time to time.. And I always say...My Lord and Saviour Jesus is blessing me each day...


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Thanks Carol,
I am with you on the fact that only God knows how long we have
I feel God is healing  me and so far all is going well.
I at this time am okay with only the Gemzar..I have no ill effects and prgress was noticed from the first  treatment..I just want to know my options if the Gemzar quits working, which my doctor says I may face that and most likely will face that one day..Thanks for the information and may God bless you all during your journey .God is in control and He  will carry me through or with Him ...either way I am honoring God in all of it.
thanks again


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Hey I am 9 months[since nov.16th -08] into  living with CC.I had never heard of
this cancer before. I am on Gemzar only!! I just found this site two weeks ago.
I am doing good so far, but would love to hear from someone who is taking treatment like me.I am noticing that most of you are on more than  one chemo.. I am on Gemzar  and then pain meds if needed and a sleep aid at night , if needed. I have even had scrinkage and was told this cancer does not normallly do this..also Doc only gave me 4months...that was 6months ago...I give God the glory for that...