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Darla and Patty,
I am questioning this very thing right now.  My husband is a Viet Nam vet.  I think that the more of us that file claims and appeals, the more they will stand up and pay attention. My husband is 58 and recently diagnosed with CC and a completely unrelated bladder cancer as well  Good luck ladies.

My  58 yr. old husband's CC was found by accident. He was diagnosed with a completely unrelated bladder cancer in February. The CC was discovered during an MRI that was just to check and see if the bladder cancer had spread.  The biopsy of the liver tumor (quite large) showed that it was CC.  The two of the cancers together is extremely rare!!! We firmly believe that the CC was caused from liver flukes from Vietnam. They have been treating his cancers with a combination of Gimzar and Carbo.  The tumor is shrinking and dead in the center.  This was unexpected.  Neither cancer is operable since the bladder cancer went to the bone. My husband is beginning to gain some weight and feeling better.  No hair loss and none of the ususal vomiting.  (Thanks in part to good meds) Thank you for the welcome.  I am sure I will have plenty of questions.  Please do not hesitate with advice either.

My husband was diagnosed with CC in February 2008.  His CC was found by accident during an MRI to see if his unrelated bladder cancer was spreading.  Yes.....A double whammy for us!  What a mess.