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Ok...they're going to do the surgery.  Well, it's going to start as exploratory surgery and they'll continue if it's feasible.  the doctors say it's going to be an 8-hour surgery and they'll remove her gall bladder as well as part of her liver.  The docs say there's a 25% chance that she won't make it and she still needs to see the cardio guys to make sure she can put up with it.


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Thanks for the advice everyone.  I actually had my mom call and the doctors said they would refer her to Sloan Kettering or The Mayo Clinic if she was willing to make the journey.  My father was retired military so, thank goodness, we don't have medical bills to worry about on top of everything.  We're located in Maryland and she's going to Walter Reed right now.


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My name is Russ and my mother, 63, was just diagnosed with this disease.  I have a feeling they've known this for a week or so and just hadn't told her.  The cancer is blocking both bile ducts now.  About a week ago, a stent was placed in one of the bile ducts.  Within three days, her eyes were yellow again.  The oncology department won't even see her because they say there is nothing that they can do for her.  She was told that a surgeon would call her tomorrow, but the doctor she saw today said that surgery doesn't seem like an option.  They were unable to insert a new stent today for some reason. 

I just turned 30 on Friday.  My father died a few years ago.  I have no grandparents left.  After my divorce, this woman took me back in her home and has supported me while I get back on my feet.  She's a great woman and I don't want to face life without her.