On May 20, 2009 my Dad passed away at the age of 70.  I am still in disbelief and cannot believe he is gone.  He was diagnosed with this terrible disease on August 8, 2008, 1 day before his 70th birthday.  Now, 9 months and 12 days later he is gone.  My sister and I took him to the Mayo Clinic in hopes "they" could do something.  After a failed attempt at a liver resection it was suggested he try chemo.  In December 2008 he started his treatments, Gemzar for 3 months.  After the CT scan showed no growth or no shrinking of the tumors, the oncologist suggested radiation and 5FU.  After 6 weeks of that Dad was experiencing vomiting and a lot of pain in his abdomen. He was admitted to the hospital on May 16, 2009 with a large amount of fliud build up in his abdomen.  On May 18th the doctors suggested we contact Hospice as there was nothing more the doctors could do for Dad.  We had him transfered to HospiceCare on Tuesday, May 19th and he died 1 day later on May 20th.  I am devastated and am not sure how to cope or what to do next. My two greatest fears in life have always been, losing my Dad and being alone. Now one has come true.  If anyone has any advise on how to cope with a loss of a loved one, a father and friend please share.  I am scared!

Bless all the people affected with this dreaded disease, the caregivers, the family and friends.

I am trying to find out if anyone has any suggestions for stopping the constant hiccups and burping my Dad is experiencing?  Here is a quick history on Dad.

* Diagnosed with CC on August 8th, 2008
* Unsuccessful liver resection at Mayo Clinic - September 2008
* Gemzar chemo for 3 months - December 2008 - February 2009
* Radiation and 5FU treatment - March 2009 - April 2009
* Completed treatment (for now) on April 17th, 2009
* Been very sick - Constant vomitting for the last 3 weeks
      *Doctors thinks it is the 5FU working itself out of his system
* For the last week has constant hiccups and burping
      * Says he sees to have to gasp for a breath and feels like food     
         is caught in his esophagus

Can anyone suggest something to stop the hiccups and burping as this is very difficult to deal with all day long.

Thanks and God Bless,


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I can tell you that the Mayo Clinic is wonderful!  After the news of my Dads CC diagonosis on 8/8/2008 we met with the local doctors after a CT Scan, ERCP and PTC.  They said "Surgery was not possible."  I e-mailed Dr. Gregory Gores and told him of what we had been through and 12 minutes later he responded.  We were at Mayo 2 days later and met with Dr.Gores that day.  Dad went through a number of tests over the next 3 days.  Dr. Nagorney is still there and attempted a liver resection 1 week later but was unable to complete it as the tumors had spread farther than they thought.  My point is this, the Mayo Clinic has been wonderful, Dr. Gores is amazing as is Dr. Nagorney.  The hotel across from the clinic is the Kahler Inn and Suites.  One piece of advice, ASK ALOT OF QUESTIONS !!  I wish you and your husband the best, you will be in great hands.

1 day before my fathers 70th birthday he received the news he had cancer.  Bile Duct Cancer.  I found out on his birthday (8/9/2008) when I called him that morning to wish him Happy Birthday.  I'll spare you all the details as you all have probably been through this test and that test.  This has been the most difficult last month for my sister and I.  I sit hear typing this message and still cannot believe what is going on.  He was seen at the local hospital and then we (my sister and I) took him to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  They have been absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately they attempted resection of the liver and had to stop as the tumor had spread.  The prognosis if we do nothing and "observe" as the oncologist called it is 6 months.  With chemo and radiation maybe 1 year.  I am happy to have found this web site and am reaching out to anyone to help with ideas and suggestions for getting up every morning.  I have been the primary caretaker to this point as my sister lives in Georgia, although she was here for a week and a half helping.  I am emotionally spent and unprepared for what is next to come.  Thank you all!!