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Hi Jill.  It's my first time posting here, but saw your post and had to answer. 

Just about 5 yrs ago, when I wish I had gall stones, I was dx'd with PC.  Not knowing any better, I was lucky enough to end up at Hopkins in MD (I live in PA).  Post-whipple, they said I had BDC that grew into the pancreas.  At that time, they said the standard of care, and treating it the same as PC, was to follow up with radiation and chemotherapy.

At a local hospital, I did the 5FU pump (5 days on, weekends off) and radiation.  Then followed up with 1 a week sessions of Gemzar for 4-6 weeks (not quite sure).  Please do the followup as it's better to rid yourself of any of those lingering cells now.  Later is a whole different battle.

Hopkins has a very active PC board where everyone goes.  The BDC board is not very active.  Lots of info (and searches are helpful).

While I'm looking forward to celebrating my 5 yr whippleversary on 8/3, I wish you and your family the very best.

RS in PA