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And Happy mothers day to all the mums on here as well!

Or I could put on my American accent and say moms!



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Happy mothers day to you Lainy!! Great pic of you both and I hope the recovery is continuing smoothly. Lots of pampering from Robin!

Thanks for all of that Mike and Marion!

See Marion, you do know as much as I think you know!


PS - and if for some reason you don't know something then you have the contacts that can fill in any gaps!!

Expression levels of ROS1/ALK/c-MET and therapeutic efficacy of cetuximab plus chemotherapy in advanced biliary tract cancer.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for letting us know that and for the link as well. I am not sure  as to the answer of your question but if I come across anything on the web about this at all then I will of course post what I find here on this thread. Maybe Marion would be of help more re your question as she is all knowledgeable about everything and anything CC related!

I hope all is well with you and my best wishes to you,


EUS-guided FNA for biliary disease as first-line modality to obtain histological evidence.


Glad to hear that the recovery is going well and that there is no pain as well!! Hope that your recovery continues to go smoothly and of course for the best possible MRI results also. Everything crossed as usual here for that!

As far as your recoveries go....... they could write multiple research papers about all of them with the amount of recoveries you have gone through now!!

Doing nothing sounds like a good plan, and getting spoiled as well! Will say hi to mum from you. She had an infection the other week and had to go through the emergency meds and all that. Doing better now but you know how these infections hit her.

Recovery hug for you!



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Thanks for that Scott!

Liver transplantation for hepatobiliary malignancies: a new era of "Transplant Oncology" has begun.


Wound healing and cancer progression in Opisthorchis viverrini associated cholangiocarcinoma.



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I can't see the article Scott! Maybe I should ask your publicist so I can see it!

Thanks for that Lainy. Hope you are well also after the surgery too.

Genetic Abnormalities in Biliary Brush Samples for Distinguishing Cholangiocarcinoma from Benign Strictures in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis.


FXR agonists enhance the sensitivity of biliary tract cancer cells to cisplatin via SHP dependent inhibition of Bcl-xL expression.


Thought this worthy of posting  -

Primary non-functioning neuroendocrine tumor of the extrahepatic bile duct.


Assessing Trends in Palliative Surgery for Extrahepatic Biliary Malignancies: A 15-Year Multicenter Study.


Rare Incidence of ROS1 Rearrangement in Cholangiocarcinoma.


Successful Experience of Laparoscopic Pancreaticoduodenectomy and Digestive Tract Reconstruction With Minimized Complications Rate by 14 Case Reports.


Hi Annie,

Welcome to the site! And as the others have said to you, yep I do the cleaning round here so consider your other post cleaned and erased! Don't worry about the duplicates, it happens to us all so I have to put the cleaning gloves on and tidy things up as it were.

Glad that you have joined in with us all but sorry that you had to find us all as well. Looking forward to hearing more from you and please keep on coming back to keep us updated on things. We don't bite!

My best to you,


Thanks for that Marion, great graphic. Go T cells!!!




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Glad to see you back home Momma and glad to hear it all went well too!

Big recovery hug for you!!


Webinar on Thursday, hope to see you all there!

Title: Role of CEACAM6 as a Biomarker in Cholangiocarcinoma

Date: Thursday, April 28, 2016

Time: 4:00-5:00 pm (ET)

Presenter: Flavio G. Rocha, MD, FACS

Virginia Mason Medical Center; 2012 CCF Young Investigator Awardee

Description: There are no good biomarkers for the early diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma.

CEACAM6 is an extracellular protein involved in cell signaling.  When overexpressed in gastrointestinal malignancies such as pancreas and colon cancer, it is associated with worse prognosis.  Therefore we hypothesized that if CEACAM6 can be detected in the bile of patients of cholangiocarcinoma, it may serve as an early marker of disease.  Bile was collected from patients undergoing resection for cholangiocarcinoma and from patients with benign biliary disease.  Biliary CEACAM6 levels were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and Western blot.  Higher CEACAM6 levels were found in the bile of patients with bile duct cancer especially extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. Future studies with a larger number of patients are needed to validate these results.

An article worth reading as well -

http://journals.plos.org/plosone/articl … ne.0150195

https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/regist … 7166323969

The landscape of targeted therapies for cholangiocarcinoma: current status and emerging targets.



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Hi Momma,

A week away from here??? You got no chance!! Am away to the bookies to get odds on that one as I so have to play that bet!  2hr op and 1 night in the hospital this time then.... yep,........ your brain is getting smaller, hope they can find it!! wink

In all seriousness, you know I've got everything crossed for you on this as always and getting cramp everywhere keeping things crossed for ya! You need to tell the doc this time to get it all in one go!

Hope you have given orders to Robin once again for update duties as you know we are a nosey bunch and need to know the details as always. Or maybe we just have come and camped out in your room and the surrounding rooms as well! 6am start, nice! I'm up at 5 these days, busy busy here. I could give you a phone to get you up! Fingers crossed for you, and everything else as well!

Love ya loads,



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Hi Melinda,

Thanks for the update and brilliant news!!! Thanks loads for sharing that with us all! Yep for sure, you and your treatment and progress gives so many people tons and tons of hope!

Big celebratory hug for you!