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Have you had a look at the chemo board Scott?

Just a quick reminder for everyone of World Cholangiocarcinoma Day 2016!


"World Cholangiocarcinoma Day is an international effort to raise much-needed awareness of cholangiocarcinoma, a devastating cancer that occurs in the bile ducts in or outside the liver. This poorly understood and under researched disease is increasing in incidence globally - we believe collaboration is the way forward."

February the 17th, mark the date! And no doubt I will flag it up again for everyone nearer the time! smile

Hugs to all,


Outcome following Resection of Biliary Cystadenoma: A Single Centre Experience and Literature Review.


Clinicopathological Significance of Osteopontin in Cholangiocarcinoma Cases.


Helicobacter Species are Possible Risk Factors of Cholangiocarcinoma.


H Pylori is also the bacteria that leads to stomach ulcers.


Postoperative CA19-9 Change Is a Useful Predictor of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma Survival following Liver Resection.



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Hi Brigid,

Welcome to the site. Sorry that you had to find us here but glad that you have joined in with us all. You are in the best place for support and help and will get loads of both from everyone here and we will help if we can.

How did the chemo go for you so far? Looking forward to hearing more from you as well, And just to say, if you are wondering where the other 3 posts are that you did tonight then that was me that deleted them as they were the same as this post. It's just that we try and delete any duplicate postings so that other posts don't get lost in the traffic. Sort of like housekeeping if you like!

My best wishes to you,



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Hi Robert,

Welcome to the site. Sorry that you had to find us all here but glad that you have joined in with us. I too am from the UK, up here in Dundee.

Why don't you tell us a bit more about things if and when you can. We are a friendly bunch, none of us bite or anything!

Looking forward to hearing more from you,



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Glad to see you back on here again Lainy! Now remember............. not too much talking... need to let the jaw heal nice and good!!


Too many brain jokes going around in my brain... I best get outa here quickly!!! Ha!!

Looking forward to hearing how everything goes Ashley.

Now you are stuck with us all!!! smile


Hi Lorraine,

Great to hear from you and I am real sorry to hear the latest news about Donnie, not what anyone wants to hear. I'm not too sure about the drains etc so will leave comments about them to others. My thoughts right now would be to go see the gp and see if they can get Donnie referred back to Edinburgh and see if they can take a look at what is going on with everything. Especially so as you say that Donnie feels that they have rubbed their hands of him.

What does the Marie Curie nurse say about everything, the drains etc? As to the scan being too risky to do due to renal failure etc, again I can't answer that question for you as I do not know the answer to it either. Apologies for that. My thoughts would be as I said to get to the GP and see what they say about things, what to try and do next etc.

Please tell Donnie that we are all rooting for him and I am sending him my best wishes.

My best to you both,


Hope everyone is watching! Melinda's story was amazing, but we knew that anyway.

Thank you Melinda!!!



It starts in 36 minutes people!!! Still time for you to sign up for it and take part and of course it is free to do so!

Details here -

http://cholangiocarcinoma.org/misc/2016 … e/webcast/

Hope to see you all there!

Hugs to all,


Hi Ashley,

Just to let you know that I have stuck this post now to this board specifically seeing as Tom is on this trial. Reason being is that is makes it easier for everyone to see all the postings about trials that either they or their loved ones are actually on. Sometimes it is too easy for postings to get lost in the traffic as it were with everything! Hope sticking this one is okay with you.

Please let us know how things go for Tom on the trial and know as well that I am keeping things crossed for him.

My best to you both,


Thanks for that Marion, yes it can be very slow some times, grrrr! Think the same is happening here in the UK in that it will only be available in a few locations throughout the country.



Hepatocyte nuclear factor 6 inhibits the growth and metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma cells by regulating miR-122.


Thanks for that Marion. We are way behind the rest of the world when it comes to treatment like these. I know that the NHS are funding this a bit more now but the child in question in the above link had to take their child to The Czech republic to get the treatment done there. They did that against the docs orders and it seems to have been the right choice for them.




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Here is a link on mouth ulcers and some other stuff from Macmillan and I hope it is useful.

My best to you,


Thanks for that Marion.

Hugs back at you,


Untangling the Complexity of Liver Fluke Infection and Cholangiocarcinoma in NE Thailand Through Transdisciplinary Learning.


Not CC related but this piece is all over the UK media today and this link gives some info on PBT.


Not sure if this treatment is used for CC


Molecular genetics and targeted therapeutics in biliary tract carcinoma.


Found this interesting.

Photodynamic Therapy Plus Chemotherapy Compared with Photodynamic Therapy Alone in Hilar Nonresectable Cholangiocarcinoma.



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Thanks for the update Robin! Great news!!

Still keeping everything crossed and sending loads of positive thoughts. And tell Lainy no talking! Got to let the jaw heal!! smile




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Welcome to the site Donna! Sorry I am late but just wanted to show my face and say hi to you!

Hope to be hearing lots from you!

My best to you,