Multidetector computed tomography angiography in the management of transarterial embolization of primary and secondary liver malignancy.

An Omics Perspective on Molecular Biomarkers for Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Therapeutics of Cholangiocarcinoma.

Great news Ali, thanks for sharing that with us all. Hoping that you and Rob hear more good nes from the upcoming scan and visit with the onc. Please keep us posted on this.



Antitumor activity of vorinostat-incorporated nanoparticles against human cholangiocarcinoma cells

Hi Bridgette,

Welcome to the site. Sorry that you had to find us all here but glad that you have joined as you are in the best place for support and help and will get loads of both from everyone here.  My congratulations to you and such a successful outcome, that is great news indeed!

I do hope that you keep on coming back here and join in with us all as you are most welcome here and I look forward to hearing much more from you as well.




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Dear Chuck's sister,

My thoughts are with you and all of your family at this time right now. As Marion has said to you, Chuck meant so very much to everyone here on the site and touched so many people around the world as well. He will be so very very sorely missed by so many people and please know that we are all here for you and all of your family as well.



Abnormal increased re-released Hb from RBCs of an intrahepatic bile duct carcinoma patient was detected by electrophoresis release test.

Identification of characteristic TRB V usage in HBV-associated HCC by using differential expression profiling analysis.

Thanks so much for posting this Marion.

So very sorry to hear this news of Duke's passing, horrible. Even though we expected it and knew this was coming it is a horrible day just as it is when we lose anyone from our family.

To Aimee and Duke's family, please know that my thoughts are with you all right now and please accept my sincere condolences. Duke was a true gent, a gem and he will be sorely missed by so many, many people. So keen to help others in their fight as well and at the same time share a joke with us all and bring a smile to many faces worldwide. He will be sorely missed and never forgotten.

And yes Marion, we so will carry out Duke's wishes with his so very generous donation to the Foundation by purchasing and publishing the articles that we cannot currently do so that will be of great help to so many people here.

My thoughts are with Aimee and Duke's family right now.

Much love and Hugs to all,


Excellent news Greg, thanks loads for sharing that with us all! Keeping fingers crossed for more success for you as well!

Best wishes,



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Hi John,

Real sorry to hear this latest news from you I so hope that your gp can indeed get you moved up the queue for the epidural and get this done asap. And I so agee with Marion's suggestion about getting your son to reach out to the professors that she mentions in the above post. Please know that we are all here for you John and will help if we can, and keep us updated on everything if you can.

Thinking of you right now.


Thanks for that Marion, great link.

Brilliant stuff Marion! Thanks for posting this and so many major achievements in there with so much still to do though, and we will get there as I keep saying!

You want me to copy and post your message here and put it on the FB page as well? Was going to just do that but thought I would ask first in case you wanted it just on the boards.

3526 registered members of the boards as well and as off today, 96588 posts as well. Well 96589 after this one!

Hugs and so many many thanks to everyone!



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Seems he is already backing down now on this issue - … versy.html

Ex hedge fund manager in charge of a drug company, not a good idea IMO.


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Hi John,

Good to hear from you again and thanks loads for your update. If the contrast has freed up your trapped nerve then that is good, trapped nerves can be very sore can't they and lets hope that there is no more pain from that as you have enough on your plate right now to deal with,

Am keeping my fingers crossed for you for some good news from your scans and the MDT meeting on Monday and please let us all know how that goes for you and what they say etc. Please try not to focus on the CA 19-9 levels too much right now.

Loads of positive thoughts are coming your way John and please know that we are all here for you and rooting for you as well.

My best wishes to you,


Wow!! Thanks for letting us know about that Marion, superb news indeed!!  And exciting as you say! Can't wait to see what the official list will show later in the year, not that far away now is it!

Thanks and hugs to everyone!


More great news tonight, thanks for that Ali!! Hoping like you say that things do get quieter and no doubt you are so looking forward to visiting too!




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Hi Carol,

Please feel free to rant away here as much as you want to as we so know what you are going through right now and how you feel as well. Please trust me though when I say to you that it does get easier but it does take time. It took me ages to get my head around the fact that my dad was gone as well and you never forget but it does get easier with time. As Lainy says, the good memories will come back and hopefully they will help ease the pain that you feel.

Big hug for you,


Hi Kathy,

More great news tonight from you, excellent!! And here is to the next 5 years, and the next and the next and so on!!!



Brilliant news Deb, thanks for letting us know!! Hoping as well that the good news continues to roll for you and Mike!




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Much GRRRRRR to this guy! I saw the interview with him as it went on tv last night and was raging at all of his answers! Blatant price gouging IMO and hopefully he will be called to account for this nonsense. … .html?_r=0


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Yep Darla! And have the feeling that this guy is away to become public enemy No 1 for obvious reasons now!


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Wonder what everyone thought of this.

Defiant Turing chief Martin Shkreli defends $750 pill. … z3mOKgPDH4

Saw the interview with this person yesterday and he was unrepentent about the cost increase.

Ridiculous price increase IMO!!


Surgery outperforms radiofrequency ablation as a treatment for small hepatocellular carcinomas.

From Prof Steve Wigmore. … arcinomas/

Virtual Hill Day: Urge Congress to work together to fund the NIH and NCI.

Support Federal Funding for Cancer Research!

Today, nearly 300 advocates are on Capitol Hill for the Rally for Medical Research Hill Day. As a proud supporter of this initiative, ASCO is calling on Congress to work together to fund research at the NIH and NCI. Make your voice heard and join us virtually-- send a message to your lawmaker today!


ASCO is joining with the biomedical research community this Fall to push Congress to provide robust funding for the NIH and NCI in fiscal year 2016 before the current budget expires at the end of this month.


Both the House and Senate passed Labor, Health, and Human Services Appropriations bills out of Committee, but right now Congress is unlikely to move on either.
The most likely path forward is a continuing resolution (CR) that will fund the NIH and NCI at current levels.
This is unacceptable and only exacerbates the problem of nearly a decade of stagnant funding.

Tell Congress to Fund the NIH and NCI. … I&lp=0