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My Dad was diagnosed in Aug/08.  He's elected to not have the surgery and the dr. is taking a "wait and see" approach as far as treatment goes, which my Dad is in favour of.  He's been basically pain free until today...and is now having pain in his left lower back - seems to be in the kidney area.  Has anyone experienced this symptom?

Thanks to all 3 of you for the welcome. I hope that I don't sound like I'm complaining about being "stretched to the max".  I've always said that I'll never complain about doing stuff for my Dad, as I realize someday he won't be here....I just never thought we'd get news like this.  I envisioned doing his errands for many more years to come!  To answer your question Jeff, he doesn't live with us, but lives in an seniors resort just 5 minutes down the road.  They are wonderful and make sure that he keeps active and socializes.  I have two siblings, but both live out of town.  My husband is very supportive in trying to help out with the kids, etc.  So far, we're making it work - its alot of juggling!  Marion, you mentioned that this cancer is slow growing.  That is what the original specialist said in the hospital as well, but the Oncology Dr. and the nurse both said it was agressive.  I'm confused by the discrepancy in opinions.  We have a very well respected Cancer Clinic in our community and we're relying on their expertise....but it gets confusing sometimes.  I'm hoping to connect with some other "kids" with aging parents.


My name is Barb.  Ouramazingly "young at heart" Dad was recently diagnosed with CC.  Days before he went into the hospital you would have thought he was at most in his early 70's....and now his age is certainly showing.  At the moment he isn't displaying the symptoms, other than obvious weight loss.  Once the stent went in to relieve the jaundice he improved greatly.  We've just finished our first cycle of dr. appoints, regular G.P., Surgeon, Oncologist.  The plan seems to be to leave well enough alone until such time that systems appear again, and then we'll need to discuss pallative chemo.  I'm frustrated that there seems to be no "steps in between".  I can understand that the chemo would be rough on him and why "upset the apple cart" when he's feeling not too badly, but it is so painful to watch him slowly go downhill.  Does anyone have experience dealing with the dreadful disease in an elderly parent.  How do you cope?I should also mention that as well as caring for Dad, we have 3 children under 6 and both of us work full time....talk about your "sandwich generation".  My priority is and always will be family....but I'm starting to feel stretched to the max, but feel guilty for even thinking this.